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Herbicides (Weed Killers)

Pick the type of herbicide that is correct for your application. Pick from pre-emergents, post-emergents, selective and non-selective herbicides, algaecides, and total vegetation control.


Pre-Emergent Herbicides

These herbicides stop the weed before it even begins. It stops germination so the weed can not grow.

Post-Emergent Herbicides

These herbicides will kill the weed after they have begun to emerge out of the soil.

Selective Herbicides

These herbicides only kill certain types of grasses and weeds.

Non-Selective Herbicides

These herbicides will kill most plants, so caution is advised.


Algaecides are designed to work in ponds and lakes.

Total Vegetation (Bare Ground)

These herbicides sterilize the soil.



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