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Maxforce FC Roach Bait Gel (3 Syringes of 60 grams ea - 1 box)

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Maxforce FC Roach Bait Gel (3 Syringes of 60 grams ea - 1 box)
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Maxforce with it's domino effect is designed to get rid of roaches rapidly.. The inert protein source found in the bait as the attractant is very irresistible.




Maxforce FC Roach Bait Gel

The Maxforce Roach Bait has changed packaging, but rest assured that it is the same formulation. Maxforce with it's domino effect is designed to get rid of roaches rapidly. Although once a popular and effective product, we feel there are superior German roach control products such as Maxforce Magnum, Invict Gold Roach Bait Gel, or Advion Roach Bait.)

Maxforce Roach Bait Gel - How It Works

Maxforce Roach Bait FC is a single feeding bait, one feeding for a lethal dose. A foraging roach is guaranteed to receive a lethal dose from a single feeding, but lives long enough to return to the harborage where its poisoned feces are consumed by other roaches, called the Dominio Effect.

Maxforce Roach Bait Gel provides long residual and fast control of even large roaches. It's labeled for both indoor and outdoor use, including commercial kitchens.Maxforce Roach Bait Gel has USDA authorization for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. You can also use Maxforce Gel in residential food processing areas without covering food preparation surfaces during treatment. It's also fine to use in occupied rooms of hospitals, nursing homes and extended care facilities.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Pro Tips While some pros still use the older formuation of Maxforce gel (shown on this page), most have switched to the newer Maxforce roach products such as Maxforce FC Select or Maxforce FC Magnum. You will find the german roaches really go after those baits.
Also, add a birth control for greater success. Birth control for roaches are known as "igr's", (insect growth regulators). Gentrol Point Source( an IGR) is effective and easy to use.
Packaging 1 box with three 60 gram syringes
Manufacturer Bayer
Product Label Product Label
Target Pest German Roaches, American, Brown-banded, Smoky brown, Oriental Cockroaches
Active Ingredient (s) Fipronil 0.01%
For Use :

Commercial, Industrial and residential areas.Maxforce has USDA authorization for use in federally inspected meat & poultry plants.

Yield 200-240 individual baits/per syringe
Mixture|Application Apply bait in areas of greatest insect activity - inside the harborage or within 10-12 inches of the harborage or travel route
Application No
Retreatment Reapply the gel, when Maxforce roach bait is no longer visibly present, according to the remaining level of infestation, which is generally at a lower rate than the initial treament. You should start to see results in 3-4 days, with elimination in 3-4 wee
Shipping Restrictions N/A
More Instructions

Application rate of Maxforce Roach Gel Bait is dependent on level of infestation.

Please see the application rate table on the product label.It can be applied as spots(size of a dime) or as a bead in cracks and crevices. Smaller, more frequent gel placements provide faster control than larger, less frequent placements. Place Maxforce Roach Bait Gel near the cockroaches' harborages, food and water sources. Place small dots of bait every 10-12 inches directly in cracks and crevices on and under counter tops, in cabinets, cupboards, drawers and food pantries, around dishwashers, refrigerators, sinks, pipes and baseboards.
Usual places for bait placements are in dark,warm and damp areas.
NEVER SPRAY insecticides over bait placements
or on newly sprayed surfaces, because it would contaminate the bait.

Store gel in a moderate temperature range.Temperature ranges should be between 10-120 degrees F


Customer Reviews 8 item(s)

Works Great
You won't be disappointed this stuff works miracles!!
Review by Patty / (Posted on 6/2/2015)
roach bait
First time used the tubes had brown cream in them worked great had no roaches for 2 years this time, the manufacturer changed the formula....it was clear did not work at all . so disappointed this time

Review by anna / (Posted on 4/14/2015)
Max Force
The first time I used MaxForce it worked beautifully, but this time around not so good, maybe they diluted it's strenght don't know but still
have roaches, months later
Review by stump / (Posted on 4/1/2014)
not good
Applied maxforce roach bait gel to my whole apartment and its been 3 weeks now but I see no decline in the population of roaches .
Review by Barney / (Posted on 11/27/2013)
Everything worked fine.
Everything worked fine.
Review by Vickie / (Posted on 10/24/2013)
great stuff
My daughter and I decided to test both the maxforce FC magnum and the invict gold,We clean up rental properties and the pest control man was eating into our profits, sooo we tested it like this we each got 1 seringe each of the maxforce and one of the invict then picked two of the worst properties for bugs--they were awful -- I used the maxforce and she the invict with the idea of after 2 weeks we would swap to the other product to see which worked best.We baited in tiny amounts all over these two properties -- both mobile homes completely emptied of any other food stuffs and trash.
Neither of us got to try the other product because long before the two weeks were up them bugs were dead-- to give you an idea of the magnatude of the infestation I filled a wet dry vac with dead bugs -- how many died in walls or inaccessable ares IDK but both the maxforce and the invict did exactly what they were advertized to do.
We did for 25 dollars in a week what the orkin man could not do in two months at 4 times the price.
Review by Dave / (Posted on 2/26/2013)
Most excellent product
Used Maxforce Roach Bait with advion after trying many other products and the problem was solved. I don't know which product worked best, but after using many others, I am glad I stumbled across these two gel baits. It's been almost a year and still roach free!!
Review by Roachfree / (Posted on 11/30/2012)
Roaches still running in kitchen
I still see roaches running in my kitchen after using this Maxforce Roach Bait, it's been 10 days. I used it years ago with success, but time, not so much. Will see what happenss
Review by Sophie N / (Posted on 3/17/2012)

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