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Complete Ant Bait Kit #1

Walt Cline - Pest Control Professional Pro Tip: "Optigard Ant Gel is the best ant bait get for the sugar cycles of ants. Place the Optigard Ant Bait Gel and the Maxforce Complete Insect Bait in both sides of the bait plate stations. You can also use both baits without the bait plate stations. Simply squeeze out the Optigard on any surface. It won't stain or discolor surface areas. Sprinkle the Maxforce Complete granules near the Optigard. Having both types of baits out, allow the ants to choose a sugar based bait (Optigard) or a protein-based bait (Maxforce Complete.)"

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Complete Ant Bait Kit #1
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Effective - Finally
Was getting discouraged like so many other products I've tried, but after 3 week, finally no ants left in kitchen. Still a few showing in bathroom. Ants ignored the granules but apparently the liquid got them. Didn't find them to "go crazy" over liquid, like some reported, but apparently it worked and am happy to finally conquer the problem.
Review by Luke / (Posted on 6/15/2017)
Practically work on contact
Applied the gel and just watched the ghost ants run right to it! Check the next morning and not one sign of ghost ants! Excellent product!!
Review by Peg / (Posted on 6/14/2017)
Covers all bases
Didn't know whether the ants were in their sugar or protein cycle so got this kit. Interestingly enough the ants started on the sugar gel, leaving the granules untouched. Then a few days later they started on the granules and left the sugar gel alone.
Review by Ed / (Posted on 5/16/2017)
Bait worked great! Plenty of it too.
Used talstar to create a barrier around the house twice in 4 or 6 weeks. No impact on the ant population in the house. Sprayed talstar around interior baseboard in key locations. Small impact on ants.

I did notice a different product recommended for spraying along with bait. Well I just bought this bait kit and it solved our ant problem in a few days. The ants literally swarmed on one of the bait stations. Then they were gone! There is a bunch of bait included in the kit. Will rinse bait stations clean and save for next invasion. Only used half a syringe of the sweet bait and barely any of the protein bait. Not sure about shelf life but I suspect it will spoil long before I run out.
Review by Dax / (Posted on 5/12/2017)
Great product
I had an infestation of the tiny red ants that my mother called "grease ants". I put both baits in two of the bait stations and once the "scouts" found them, there was a steady stream of ants feeding on the Optiguard Gel. One day later ... no ants, and they have not returned. A couple of weeks later, I had them at a different entrance to the kitchen, so I presume this was a different colony. I put the Optiguard Gel only out and got the same result -- one day later, no ants. Most effective product I have ever used.
Review by PapaJohn / (Posted on 5/12/2017)
Works great
Noticed a difference in 2 days. Works 100% better than anything in stores that one can waste money on.
Review by Joe / (Posted on 5/12/2017)
Great Product - Well worth the money
I have tried baits, sprays and professional services but nothing works like the Complete Ant Bait Kit #1. The majority of ordorous ants disappeared in the first 24 hours. I put the traps on the kitchen counter and the ants swarmed around the traps. The next morning I was expecting to see some dead ants but there were none. I guess the ants took the bait to their colony during the night and died later. I did see an occasional ant for 2 weeks but it's been 7 days since I've seen any ants. I will leave traps in place for a little longer just to be on the safe side. There is also a lot of the bait left for future use if I need it. Thanks for a great product.
Review by Nan / (Posted on 4/7/2017)
Hello again! I wrote my last review on 2/6/ - posted on 2/7/17, and today's date is 2/13/17 at 5 p.m., Pacific. So I have been using Optigard for almost 2 full weeks. I saw my last LIVE ant last night at 6 p.m. That is not to say they are all dead, but it is the longest period of time since I began treating without seeing a live one. This last bunch was almost scary; they were the biggest bunch I have ever seen - both in size and in number. There were over 50-60 at any given time, with some coming or going constantly for 3 days, so I'm thinking not only were they from a huge colony, but also one of longstanding due to their size. Or maybe they were "senior" members of a colony who had to go themselves when everyone else "croaked" as my son says.

Anyway, wanted to update in case any of you have as serious an infestation as I do. I intend to be vigilant checking all stations & placement area 2x day and keep that up for another week in case the teeny babies show up. When I don't see any for 8 days I'll stop - my research said ants can leave the nest as early as a week - but that it was really rare. Apparently the queen has been documented going as long as 3 weeks without food or water. Look it up - Wiki - if you don't believe me. Because of my studies, I'm not quitting til then. I also wanted to tell you that I did not use bait stations in all areas. As a matter of fact, I actually killed more where there weren't stations. However, that was where they were the most prevalent, which was in the tub of both baths and a window ledge of one bath. Because of narrow ledge I was unable to use stations so I just baited directly onto the tub ledge and the base of tub at floor, as well as some open crevices in those rooms. We took showers in the slightly less busy one then I immediately dred the area thoroughly and rebaited. Within an hour they were back. I'll report back after the 8 days are up. Patience, truly, is a virtue and is what"s needed if your situation is serious. Good luck!
Review by Michele / (Posted on 2/13/2017)
First, KNOW YOUR ENEMY for best results!
This review is for Ant Bait Kit #1, which I'm using to absolutely annihilate the ODOROUS HOUSE ANTS that have plagued me for 6+ years. You think you have an ant problem? Here's my story: We moved into our brand new Manufactured Home 12 years ago, when our son was 6 yrs old. There were still several unsold lots, so a lot of empty space around our place. The lots were filled with sand, so our son & neighbor boys played in the sand, creating Hot Wheel highways, Sand Castles and entire cities. One day a neighbor mom came to get her son & as we walked to get the boys she pointed to the empty lot adjoining our property and said "I can't believe they still havent gotten rid of that ant hill. She was pointing at a 3-1/2 foot tower of sand - i am NOT exaggerating - i am 5'1" & that "hill" came up to my chest just under my armpits. After a long, long fight with community grounds/pool maintenance/management acknowledged that it WAS an ant hill & their responsibility to get rid of it. Finally, 3 years later exterminators & city employees showed up with a lot of equipment to get rid of it & the following late Winter our battle began. Every Fall as weather got cool & rainy I battled OH ants. Every one here complains about their visitations sooner or later. I'm sure when one place treats the ants just take up residence nearby.
1st exterminators I hired had to come out several times. Eventually I kept them at bay myself w/Terro &/or diatomaceous earth.

Then in October, 2015, after a 12-hour day we entered the mud/laundry room & were hit with water which reached my calves. Faulty washing machine switch - later recalled. We did not actually live in the house again until all restoration was completed this last Thanksgiving, 2016. But guess who had taken up residence in between the walls?!? Fired 2nd exterminator because we couldn't go 2 weeks without seeing more.

I read that private parties can buy the stuff exterminators use & here I am. The info on pests DYIPC gives is great, but if you are serious about wiping them out permanently I highly recommend you educate yourself further. Example: OH ants usually have AT LEAST 2 queens per nest & they have been documented living 8 + years! And they form multiple "satellite" colonies; some males are larger & winged & get together with another queen to start another colony. Apparently queen-wanna-be's are abundent. However, no matter where they currently live, they all consider themselves to be the same"family" so they spread the word when they find food. So I've got nests behind both bathrooms, near the hot water heater in laundry room, & in 2 diff places in kitchen. There is also a large colony my son spotted as they marched from the garage to the corner of the house where the den is. He saw them because they had triple trails - 3 rows marching like soldiers side by side!!! But man, this stuff works! Twice a day I use a 1" paintbrush like a broom to get rid of several dozen dead ants, put out fresh bait and wait for the next group to show up. There are about 13 "bait stations" throughout my house now. A few places where the ants died 5 or 6 days ago now have very teeny tiny baby ants taking their place foraging for food. So it's only a matter of a day or so when those colonies will be wiped out.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I almost feel sorry for them. They L-O-V-E this sweet bait. They feed for a long time, you can see their bodies engorged with it. They reluctantly head back to the nests (yay!) and then come back for more. Some leave a second time even, but A LOT just stay and feed until they die. They are like addicts with this stuff. You can tell when it hits them because they actually get lighter in color and their back half kind of gets dragged along by the front legs and they move really slow then they just drop. They must smell it or something because if I put some down on a new spot with 5-10 mins, here come a few, then more, then dozens of them. And they don't get spooked like they usually do when disturbed. A few kinda run around a bit but head right back to eat more. Be patient, consistent, learn all you can about your particular invading ant, and be vigilant - don't stop even if you don't see any for a few days. That's what it takes if you really don't want to deal with them again - better to take a month to bait now & be done with them instead of 3 days here, a week there, if you dont make sure you kill ALL the queens you'll be doing this again in the Spring. Not me! My now 19-year-old son, read the instructions and has been my "hunting buddy". 13 years fighting these ants - it's scary how tenacious insects are. Good luck getting those pesky critters.
Review by 'Chele / (Posted on 2/7/2017)
Fantastic product. Works great
This product was amazing. We had little "ghost ants" all over. It came to the point of being an infestation. We tried every home remedy,trap and spray from the store. As a last resort before calling a pest company we tried this and the ants were gone within 24 hours. It was an amazing thing
Review by Tim / (Posted on 2/1/2017)

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