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Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Bait - 1 tube (33 gram) + Plunger & Tip

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Walt Cline - Pest Control Professional Pro Tip: "This is the bait I suggest in apartments because unlike most gel baits Maxforce Magnum continues to work even after it dries out. In apartments roaches might migrate to your apartment from next door. It's nice to have a product that continues to work. Another bait that is really cool is Avert Flowable Roach Bait. This would work well with the Maxforce Magnum, flowing into areas that you can not place the Magnum.

We provide a plunger and tip with each tube. However, for greater control of bait placements, use the Masterline Bait Gun Add Gentrol Point Sources as insect growth regulators to have a form of birth control for roaches. The Victor Roach Pheromone Traps #327 will not only trap the roaches, but serve as monitoring tools.

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Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Bait - 1 tube (33 gram) + Plunger & Tip instructions audio Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Bait - 1 tube (33 gram) + Plunger & Tip instructions english audio
Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Bait- 1 (33 gram) tube

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not good Review by Lucia

I bought this product a while ago and was working just fine. A month ago I ordered maxforce roach bait, the big containers, didn't work at all. Then I ordered again maxforce fc magnum, still doesn't work at all. Did something changed in the formula because it's not working at all?? The bugs are having a party, not bothered by the bait.

DIY RESPONSE: Hi sorry it's not working for you anymore. The formula hasn't changed but some strains of roaches are resistant to certain active ingredients. The strain of roach you have currently is likely resistant to Maxforce Magnum, because all the other roaches that weren't resistant are now dead. The Maxforce product line recognized that some roaches were resistant to Maxforce Magnum, so they released a new product call Maxforce Impact: http://store.doyourownpestcontrol.com/maxforce-impact-roach-bait . Call us at 1-800-476-3368 if you need further assistance.

(Posted on 2/16/2015)

Product works fast and is easy to use Review by Truffees

I've never really had a roach problem in any of the homes we have lived in (Florida, Georgia, Texas) I expect to see an occasional roach during dry spells etc. I started having more than usual in our home in Texas probably due to my pre teen and summer and her lazy behind, while leaving her dishes and drinks around the house and then putting them all in the sink before I got home from work. Anyway, my Mom bought this product for me a couple of years ago when she visited us in Georgia. She saw "a" roach so she bought this product and treated my house while she was visiting. . .I still had the container and kept it for the reorder info. I never saw a bug in that house after she treated it! Fast forward and in Texas I treated the house (3500 sq ft) with 6 tubes and honestly, I saw 2 dying roaches the next day on the floor and haven't seen another since. The directions say it may take up to three weeks, but it has worked much faster than that. I'm really pleased with the product and would recommend it to others. I have a business and use a professional exterminator and I hate it every time he comes in spraying insecticide all over the baseboards. It makes me feel very uneasy about breathing in the fumes-you cannot smell them, but I know they are there. I would much rather use this product, but out state requires a contract with a professional company for the business I am in. Any way I give it 5 stars.

(Posted on 9/11/2014)

Fewer roaches, yea! Review by KidMaestro

Seeing much fewer roaches, but more bedbugs now. Had been hoping it would attract and kill all kinds of bugs, but i suppose one can't have everything.

(Posted on 7/8/2014)

nax force Review by stump

I don't know what they've done to this product, but it hasn't done anything this go round for my roaches, the first time it worked great but this time, they crawl over it like it's not even there, hasn't helped a bit

DIY RESPONSE: Sorry to hear the product isn't working as you expected. Call us at 1-800-476-3368 and we'll help troubleshoot the issue. If there are other readily available food sources in the area, make sure to remove those so the roaches will feed on the bait.

(Posted on 6/12/2014)

good products good service Review by Pat

I've been using the on-line ordering of my DIY pest control for several years now, as my brother the exterminator talked me into doing it myself. Since then, I've saved big bucks. It's easy to do once you learn how to DIY. I give 'em 5 stars out of 5

(Posted on 4/26/2014)

Amazing!!!!! Review by Tired of roaches

I am extremely impressed with this product. I viewed the current comments posted and decided that I would give it a try. I am very happy that I did and the results are fantastic. I have a 90 percent decrease in roaches and they are still dying. I even gave the neighbors on both sides of me a tube and they too are both happy with the outcome. Thank you for such an effective product, I highly recommend this product to anyone that lives in an apartment complex. You will not be disappointed!

(Posted on 3/15/2014)

dead roaches hallelujah!!!! Review by shamari

Yes yes yes I give this stuff a 100 percent perfect serious review. All roaches are dead...I had moved into my own apartment this month and there were roaches everywhere...big big big bastards too. I went from killing literally 6 to 10 roaches per every 3 to 4 minutes to ABSOLUTELY NONE THANK GOD they are dead!!!! I could marry the person who invented this stuff!!!! So happy! Thank you MAXFORCE! THIS STUFF IS TOP!

(Posted on 1/29/2014)

this stuff is awesome Review by jim

I put it down and even injected some in the walls through nail holes. Within 24-48 most were gone I still see a few babies here and there and its been two weeks but I'm assuming its fresh hatches. We had 4 kinds of roaches and were infested thanks to roommates. They seem to be way under control. I have tried many many products this is the first that actually seemed to make a difference. We live in south Florida so totally bug free is an unrealistic dream but it is deffinetly tollerable now.

Thank you so much

(Posted on 12/5/2013)

The Absolute Best Review by Charlene

I'm an apartment manager and rather than blow the $75+ per pest control visit, I took matters into my own hands and baited some apartments with Max Force. My resident fell all over herself wanting the name of the stuff, saying it was a miracle. They're back in her apartment but after 1 year and lots of kids leaving candy everywhere. I used it in my own apartment because I saw a couple when I first moved in and I have never seen another one since. Get the applicator gun, totally worth it

(Posted on 8/20/2013)

Ending the problem Review by Good Stuff

I bought 2 tubes of this and I had tried several different products that claimed to kill and get rid of roaches and they would slim them down for a short period of time but never successfully eliminated my problem. So I researched ways to get rid of them FOREVER, and I came across this product bought two tubes, did as directed on the box and afterwards, I was completely rid of all the roaches that were taking my home away from me. This product is great and works just like having the professionals come in and spray your home. And i saved a lot of money by doing it myself. When I would find dead ones I would get my vacuum cleaner out and just vacuum them up and it was over and done with. I would definitely recommend this to product to anyone that has any sort of roach infestation problem. 5 stars all the way!!

(Posted on 6/9/2013)

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