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Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Bait - 1 tube (33 gram) + Plunger & Tip

Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Bait - 1 tube (33 gram) + Plunger & Tip
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Did Not Work
I posted a review on here last year about this product not working. The roaches are still here. The roaches never died off and just climbed over the bait like it was nothing. The bait is still there and I still have a roach Infestation.
Review by Did Not Work / (Posted on 5/3/2016)
awesome stuff
Folks I worked for Cook's Pest Control and this is exactly what they used. This stuff is awesome and works
Review by Jason / (Posted on 4/21/2016)
Excellent Product
Works extremely well
Review by Jim / (Posted on 12/7/2015)
Works Great
I use it about once every few days and it works like a charm. You have to be patient and resist the urge to kill the roaches. I have never had a big infestation but for me I see results in a few days. I have moved 4 times and have had to use this product every time. This move I have decided to treat every week for a month to hopefully get rid of any bugs forever. I've had a case where they came back after many months later (I was living in an apt so it could have been neighbors) and this go around I found a dead roach in the bathroom recently (after my first treatment) so I just want to be very sure they are gone gone.
Review by ally7onelove / (Posted on 9/21/2015)
Gonna Assume that it worked
I got the product about a month ago. I haven't seen any roaches since, but I think it's too soon to tell really. I do think it's working though.
Review by GCG / (Posted on 9/17/2015)
couldn't be more satisfied
Bought a fixer-upper dirt cheap and discovered an infestation of roaches, no sure what species. Was desperate as they'd multiplied and literally had the run of the house, so, I went online looking, seeking a product, determined to purchase anything and everything until something worked. I didn't have to look hard as I came upon this product. I ordered a couple to tubes at first just to try it. The amount of dead roaches the following morning let me know I was onto something. I ordered an entire case putting the gel onto small square pieces of cardboard placing them under furniture, the stove, dishwasher, washer and dryer. I used the plunger to apply it into the edges along the wall and floor and in the corners of the cabinets. I reapplied the gel once every couple of weeks for about 2 months, then stopped thinking I was never going to get rid of them all. About 2 months after stopping I noticed the roaches were gone, all were gone! I never thought I would find a product that would rid me of my roach infested nightmare. They never returned. I had a half a case left and gave it to others with the same problem and had them coming back to me for more. I cannot say enough good things about this product. I am here today ordering for a patient who has a roach problem and is at her wit's end over it and am paying for it because I know she cannot afford it. That is how much I believe in this product. It works!
Review by happy / (Posted on 7/30/2015)
This works as a clean up vector
While I don't particularly care for the dark color (looks like a roach from a distance!) I have to say it just kills 'em dead. And they're right, it keeps working when it's dry. It works on silverfish and earwigs too.
Thanks for a great product. You always come through.
Review by DK / (Posted on 6/18/2015)
Review by OLDMAN / (Posted on 3/31/2015)
good product, but was broken upon arrival
the gel works well on cockroaches, but when we received the product, the syringe (tube) was broken which made it hard to apply the gel. if would have been better if they used a more secure package instead of a bubble wrapped envelope.
Review by del / (Posted on 3/31/2015)
not good
I bought this product a while ago and was working just fine. A month ago I ordered maxforce roach bait, the big containers, didn't work at all. Then I ordered again maxforce fc magnum, still doesn't work at all. Did something changed in the formula because it's not working at all?? The bugs are having a party, not bothered by the bait.

DIY RESPONSE: Hi sorry it's not working for you anymore. The formula hasn't changed but some strains of roaches are resistant to certain active ingredients. The strain of roach you have currently is likely resistant to Maxforce Magnum, because all the other roaches that weren't resistant are now dead. The Maxforce product line recognized that some roaches were resistant to Maxforce Magnum, so they released a new product call Maxforce Impact: http://store.doyourownpestcontrol.com/maxforce-impact-roach-bait . Call us at 1-800-476-3368 if you need further assistance.
Review by Lucia / (Posted on 2/16/2015)

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