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What is Chlorfenapyr ?

Chlorfenapyr is a pyrethroid-resistant chemical with a different mode of action (the way it works) than these traditional insecticides such as pyrethroids. Chlorfenapyr belongs to the pyrrole class of chemicals that has proven particulary effective against insects that have gotten resitant to other insecticides.

Chlorfenapyr-Mode of Action

Chlorfenapyr causes the insect to not produce enough energy to survive at the cellular level. This unique mode of action is called METI-mitochondrial electon transport inhibitor. Insects develop little resistance because it takes 24-48 hours for Chlorfenapyr to cause death (allowing them to pass on susceptible genes to the next generation). Chlorfenapyr is activated inside the insect (meatabolized into an active insecticide after entering the host).

Which products contain Chlorfenapyr ?

Phantom Insecticide and Phantom Aerosols by BASF both contain Chlorfenapyr.

How toxic is Chlorfenapyr?

As with any pest control product use as directed on the product label.

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