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 What is Imazapyr ?
The active ingredient, imazapyr, is marketed in compounds by the trade names, TVC Total Vegetation Control, Assault, Chopper and Arsenal

Imazapyr (Arsenal , Chopper , Stalker, Assault , TVC Vegetation Control ) is from the herbicide family imidazolinone, known as non-selective herbicides for control of weeds, broadleaved herbs, and woody species .Imazapyr was first registered under the commercial formulation of isopropylamine salt called Arsenal and Chopper. The herbicide is commonly found in two forms: weak acid and isopropylamine salt (49 percent water solution), although commercial products are almost solely the isopropylamine salt form

Mode of Action: · Imazapyr kills plants by preventing the synthesis of certain amino acids produced by plants but not animals. Thus · Imazapyr is an amino acid synthesis inhibitor and kills plants by inhibiting the production of the branched-chain aliphatic amino acids which are required for DNA synthesis and growth. · Treated plants usually die slowly.

Imazapyr by its nature does not distinguish between the plants it kills. Thus, rare and endangered plants are particularly at risk from exposure to the herbicide.

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  1. TVC Total Vegetation Control Imazapyr 28.7%

    TVC Total Vegetation Control with Imazapyr 27.8 % is a systemic herbicide offering superior translocation through leaves & stems, killing the root and may provide season-long control. TVC Total Vegetation Control is a herbicide that may be used in non crop areas such as; railroad, ROW's, utility plant sites, tank farms, fence rows, brush control, seed head suppression in pastures & rangelands & other listed sites.

    Active Ingredient(s): 28.7 Isopropylamine salt of Imazapy 
    The active ingredient, imazapyr, is marketed in compounds by the trade names, 
    Chopper  and Arsenal Compare  Herbicides

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  2. Bonide Ground Force Vegetation Killer

    Starting at: $14.95

    Bonide Ground Force Vegetation Killer - Concentration

    Bonide's Ground Force Vegetation Killer with a combination of its active ingredients kills unwanted plants and roots with sterilizing soil for up to a year. This vegetation killer is perfect to use where ever you do not want weeds in places like curbs, side walks, patios, fence lines, tennis courts, play areas, driveways, and paths. Bonide's Ground Force has a higher concentration than competitive brands, so it yields more. One quart will cover 75 square feet.

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  3. Pronto Vegetation Killer

    Starting at: $34.50

    Use Pronto Vegetation Killer is a non selective herbicide that is used for a complete elimination of unwanted vegetation. This concentrated product mixes with water, with one gallon treating up to 7,100 square feet.

    Pronto Vegetation Killer may be used in places where you don't want weeds to grow, such as fence rows, paths, patios, curbs, sidewalks, driveways, gravel paths, and more locations.

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  4. Alligare Mojave 70 EG

    Starting at: $58.95

    Compare to Sahara, Mojave 70 EG is a "bare ground" herbicide to control of 150 species of weeds, perennial and annual grasses for burndown and total bare ground control in a single application. Mojave 70 EG is easy to mix dispersible granule which can be mixed with a surfactant for greater effectiveness. For complete "bare ground' vegetation elimination, it may be applied non-crop areas such as railroads, along fences, highway rights-of-way, farmyards, utility plant sites, petroleum tank farms, and non-irrigation ditch banks. It has a long residual that it keeps weeds from emerging through the season and kills weeds under paved surfaces.

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  5. Imazapyr 4 SL

    Starting at: $50.38

    Imazapyr 4 SL, with Imazapyr 52.6% is a broad-spectrum, pre and post-emergent spray for control of most broadleaf weeds, vines, brambles, annual and perennial grasses, trees for forestry site preparation, hardwood brush, and release of conifers from woody and herbaceous competition. It is used for bare ground control of unwanted vegetation, sterilizing the soil it is sprayed over for up to a year. Compare Imazapyr 4 SL to Arsenal AC

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  6. Hi-Yield Killzall 365 -32 oz

    Starting at: $34.68

    Hi-Yield Killzall 365 combines Glyphosate 43% and Imazapyr 0.78% for total vegetation control. Hi-Yield Killzall 365 is a weed and grass killler that keeps new weeds from growing in the treated area for up to one year. Use it in areas where you do not want any vegetation to grow such as parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, gravel areas, and around fences and buildings.Apply KIllzall 365 to bare soil to get the longest residue or spray weeds and grasses generously to both a good control and long lasting residue. Do not spray on or near desirable plants, or death may occur to desirable plants.

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  7. Eraser Max Herbicide-Gallon

    Starting at: $27.25

    Eraser Max is a concentrated formula of glyphosate and imazapyr that is very effective against many weeds, vines, grasses and trees. A single application will kill weeds for up to a year. Eraser Max is for use outside on non-crop areas, bare ground for total vegetation control, and spot treatment for weeds, grasses, vines and trees. It is perfect for gravel paths, fence rows, around barns and farm buildings.

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  8. Ecomazapyr 2SL

    Starting at: $59.95

    Allligare's Ecomazapyr 2SL with Imazapyr 27.8% can be compared to BASF's Arsenal 2 lb formula. It provides preemergent and post emergent control with residual action on listed weeds. Ecomazapyre 2 SL is labeled to control undesirable vegetation in grass pasture and undesirable emergent and floating aquatic vegetation; perfect for transitional areas between aquatic and terrestrial sites. It may also be applied as basal bark and stem procedures in noncropland areas.

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