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What is Indoxacarb?

Indoxacarb is produced by DuPont. It is designated by EPA as "reduced-risk" pesticide. As an oxadizine pesticide, in blocks insect neuronal sodium channels. The results are impaired nerve function, paralysis and death. Indoxacarb is of the Oxadizine class, with it's unique mode of killing insects.

Indoxacarb  Kills Entire Generations

In independent studies, indoxacarb has been studied on the German Roach. The active ingredient, indoxacarb has a three-generation horizontal transfer kill capabilities in german roach populations.

First transfer is from dying adult to nymphs(youngest stage), as they eat their excrements. Third stage of transfer the adult male roaches eat the dead nymphs.

Indoxacarb is the main ingredient in the Dupont's Advion line of household insect baits, targeting roaches and ants.


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