Altosid XR Extended Residual Briquets (box of 220)

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  • Effectively controls and prevents adult mosquito emergence in treated areas.
  • Slow-release control for up to 150 days
  • Multiple shapes for easy applications
  • Extended shelf life
  • Easy-to-use

Altosid XR Extended Residual Briquets (220 briquets)

Altosid XR Residual Briquets provide control over mosquito emergence up to 150 days in treated areas. These "ingot" shaped briquets contain the insect growth regulator (IGR) (S)-Methoprene. Altosid XR prevents the emergence of adult mosquitoes. However, it does not affect the mosquitoes that have reached the pupal or adult state.

Application Altosid XR Residual Briquets

  • Place these briquets in areas before flooding when sites are dry or on snow or ice. Alternate wetting or drying will not reduce effectiveness.
  • Examples of application sites are: storm drains, catch basins, roadside ditches, fish ponds, ornamental ponds and fountains, other artificial water-holding containers, animal watering troughs, cesspools, and septic tanks, waste treatment and settling ponds, flooded crypts, transformer vaults, abandoned swimming pools, tires, construction and other man-made depressions, cattail marshes, water hyacinth beds, vegetation-choked phosphate pits, pastures, meadows, rice fields, freshwater swamps and marshes, salt and tidal marshes, tree holes, woodland pools, floodplains, and dredging spoil sites. For application sites connected by a water system,i.e., storm drains or catch basins, treat all of the water-holding sites in the system to maximize the efficiency of the treatment program
  • Aedes, Ochlerotatus,andPsorophoraspp.:For control non-(or low-) flow shallow depressions (<2 feet in-depth), treat based on the surface area, placing one Altosid Briquet per 200 ft2. Place briquets in the lowest areas of mosquito breeding sites to maintain continuous control as the site alternately floods and dries up.
  • Culex, Culiseta and Anophelesspp.:Place one Altosid XR Briquet per 100 ft2.
  • Coquillettidia and Mansoniaspp.: For application to cattail marshes and water hyacinth beds. For control of these mosquitoes, place one Altosid XR Briquet per 100 ft2
  • Manufacturer: Zoecon (Mfg. Number: 100508842)
More Information
Packaging 1 box (220 briquets)
Product Label Label
More PDF's New York Label
Target Pest

Mosquito Larvae (Will not affect adult mosquitoes prior to treatment)

Active Ingredient (s) S-Methoprene 2.1%
For Use :

Storm drains, Roadside Ditches, Fish Ponds, Ornamental Ponds & Fountains, Artificial Water-holding Containers, Septic Tanks, Waste Treatment & Settling Ponds, Rice Fields, Freshwater Swamps, Marshes, Dredging Spoil Sites

Yield Each box comes with 220 briquets
Mixture|Application N/A
Number of Briquets Catch Basin Size (Gallons) Surface Area/Water Depth (ft)
1 0-1500 0-2
2 1500-3000 2-4
3 3000-4500 4-6
4 4500-6000 6-8
Shipping Restrictions N/A
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