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B&G Rodent Bait Station Cafe

Walt Cline - Pest Control Professional Pro Tip: "This is a very easy bait station to use and the most economical we have. In hot climates we now stock the grey ones. The grey reflects the sun and tends to blend in with landscaping better than black."

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B&G Rodent Bait Station Cafe

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B&G(BG) Rodent Bait Station Cafe is a tamper resistant rodent bait station for either rats or mice.This rodent bait station has true hinges, increasing the durability and life of the station.  The B&G Rodent Bait Station Cafe may be opened  quickly and is easy to clean and service, with a single key entry.May use bait blox, seed or pelleted bait in stations.
Measures: 10.5 in x10.5 in x 3.4 in -a low profile size.
It is not designed to hold a snap trap.
Made in USA

Prop65 California Proposition 65 WARNING

B&G Rodent Bait Station Cafe (Black)

Rodent Cafe (Black)

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  • Buy 6 for $9.90 each and save 38%
B&G Rodent Bait Station Cafe (Black)

Rodent Cafe (Grey)

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B&G Rodent Bait Station Cafe (Black)

Rodent Cafe Case-6 stations (Black)

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B&G Rodent Bait Station Cafe (Black)

Rodent Cafe Case-6 stations (Grey)

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B&G Rodent Bait Station Cafe

B&G Rodent Bait Station Cafe is a durable and easy- to -service bait station and one of the most economical tamper-resistant bait stations on the market. The Rodent Bait Cafe is a very sturdy, heavy-duty design with thick-walled plastic. The low-profile design allows bait station placements in tight locations and under pallets. Other than the durability of this bait station, the single key lock design is simple, secure, and easy to use.

Inside the bait station, there is a large bait chamber to hold either horizontal or vertical rods. It has a ramp entranceway to prevent water from contaminating the bait in the chamber. The design of the interior allows easy cleaning with a brush. For additional security, use a zip tie from the hole in the center.

The B&G Rodent Bait Station Cafe comes with 4 rods for placing rodent bait with center holes on rods. May use pelleted or seed bait as well.

It is not designed to hold a snap trap or glue trap

Durable Hing Design

B & G Rodent Cafe Bait Station has "true hinges", increasing the durability and life of the station, unlike most rodent bait stations with a lid attached by a "living hinge".

Staking to Paver Blocks

This rodent bait station also has punch-out holes to stake it to concrete paver blocks. The B&G Bait Station Anchors allow you to attach the cafe to a paver block.

 B&G Rodent Bait Cafe Station includes:

  • 1 key
  • 2 vertical rods
  • 2 horizontal rods

Packaging and Measurements

  • Packaging : Single units or case of 6 stations
  • Measures: : 10.5 in x10.5 in  x 3.4 in-a low profile size.
  • Black Cafe: #25000211 Grey Cafe: # 250000212
  • Made in the USA

Advantages of B&G Rodent Bait Cafe

  • Very strong-tested to hold a 300 lb man
  • Fast opening and easy servicing to replace bait and clean
  • Single key entry Key acts like a lift handle
  • Very durable and economical It has a real hinge as opposed to a "living hinge" that is attached to the body, decreasing the life span of the station.
  • Recessed cover-Does not allow for hands or fingers to attempt to pry open the station
  • An added measure of security with a hole in the center that allows you to secure the cover to the base by means of a lock or zip tie.
  • High capacity bait chamber
  • Water is prevented from entering by a ramped entrance to the bait chamber; eliminating bait contamination.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Pro Tips This is a very easy bait station to use and the most economical we have. In hot climates we now stock the grey ones. The grey reflects the sun and tends to blend in with landscaping better than black.
Packaging Each station measures: 10.5 in x10.5 in x 3.4 in
Manufacturer B&G Equipment 25000211(black) and 25000212 (grey)
Product Label Manual
More PDF's N/A
Target Pest Rodents : Rats and Mice
Active Ingredient (s) Heavy duty design using thick walled plastic
For Use : N/A
Yield N/A
Mixture|Application N/A
Application No
Retreatment No
Shipping Restrictions N/A
More Instructions No

Customer Reviews 13 item(s)

High quality product
This bait station is very well made. I prefer the simplicity of the design and it is easy to open. The rats have been coming inside and eatiing the bait.
Review by Ken / (Posted on 1/22/2020)
Serves it's purpose.
Purchased two units (recommended by exterminator) blends in well with surroundings. One unit is hard to open sometimes, otherwise all's good.
Review by Ray / (Posted on 1/3/2020)
Good Product needs space for glue boards
Good product, bought 20 units, big rats and mice entered by the third day we installed them, it could have been great if it could also be used with glue boards.
Review by COPLA Pest Control / (Posted on 10/3/2019)
It must work, the bait is disappearing and no mice in the house.
Review by Dori / (Posted on 5/15/2016)
Would recommend.
Easy to open and load.
Review by Gobblein / (Posted on 3/9/2015)
Rodent Cafes
We love using these cafes they work well. All of the cafes come with a key easy to open.
Review by Drew / (Posted on 3/9/2015)
I have a field behind my house so when they plow it up we what seems like all of the field mice in our yard. These bait stations are great for just leaving in the backyard. They are easy to use to check on the bait and easy to refill.
Review by Chuck / (Posted on 8/14/2014)
Works great
I have ordered and used the bait boxes for several years with the Contrac Blox bait at my multiple rental properties and personal residence and it never fails to get rid of the rodents quickly. I've ordered the box quantity of 6 each time and you can't beat the price anywhere else.

Review by Siskababa / (Posted on 7/14/2014)
Industry PMP
While the cost savings of these type of stations seems good they do not hold up in cold weather. Ice will routinely build up between the lid and the rest of the station since the lid sits down inside the station leaving a spot for water to pool and freeze. They also do not prevent the bait from being stolen by nontarget animals such as raccoons are possums. While BNG is trying to resolve that issue by creating a different rod to prevent them from being pulled out I found that raccoons can still tear the bait off of the rod. They are also hard to wall-mount as they do not sit close enough to the wall to use a regular bird spike and hitch pin to secure them. The lids also routinely break off in cold weather or the prongs that secure the lid break in cold-weather when accessed. Poor quality product!

DIY Response:

Thanks for your feedback. We'll forward it to B&G. Our favorite bait station is the "Protecta Evo Ambush"
Review by PMP / (Posted on 3/4/2014)
Great experience in a bad situation
I talked to your sales rep and he was very helpful. I saved some money as I was interested in another type and was told this model was just as good at a lesser price.
Review by Stingray / (Posted on 11/23/2013)
Works like a charm!
I found these stations to be great!
I bought some brick pavers and a tube of Liqui-Nails to secure the station to the brick.
I used the brick so that the bigger rodents couldn't carry the station away.
Review by Affordable Storage Solutions / (Posted on 10/28/2013)
Decent Station
Got rid of the rat problem in my garage. Was fairly easy to use.
Review by James Irish / (Posted on 8/15/2012)
coons loved them
at first i thought they were great. I liked them better than the lp bait stations. But then the coons got into them. The coons could get to the bait and cleaned them out every night. Finally gave up on them.
Review by farmer / (Posted on 3/13/2012)

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