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Bonide Bug Beater Yard and Garden - 32 Oz (Discontinued)

Bonide Bug Beater Yard and Garden - 32 Oz (Discontinued)
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This product has been discontinued, we recommend Bonide's Mosquito Beater Flying Insect Fog

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Bonide's Bug Beater Yard and Garden - Fogging

This product has been discontinued, we recommend Bonide's Mosquito Beater Flying Insect Fog

Additional Information

Additional Information

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Packaging 32 oz
Manufacturer Bonide, UPC :037321004189
Product Label Label
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Target Pest

Controls: mosquitoes, houseflies, gnats, small flying moths and most harmful garden insects, including: aphids, armyworms, beetles, cabbage loopers, colorado potato beetles, corn borers, corn earworms, cutworms, fleas, grasshoppers, gypsy moth caterpillars and adults, hornets, horse flies, japanese beetles, leafminers, mealybugs, mites, tent caterpillars, thrips, ticks, tomato hornworms, whitefiles and other listed insects

Active Ingredient (s) Natural Pyrethrin .25%, Piperonyl Butoxide 2.0%
For Use : Outdoors in gardens, on ornamentals, vegetables, fruits, flowers, nuts and herbs or in greenhouses
Yield See label
Mixture|Application Fogging : Apply at a rate of 0.5 fluid per 1000 square feet

Outdoor Mosquito Control

To control adult mosquitoes apply as a fog or fine mist using good mechanical, thermal or compressed air equipment. For best results, treat when wind velocity does not exceed 5 miles per hour. Application in the evening or early morning is recommended. Treat area thoroughly with particular attention around low and marshy places, shorelines, stagnant pools or ponds and shrubbery or vegetation where mosquitoes may rest. Apply at a rate of 0.5 fluid ounces per 1000 square feet.

Use on Gardens and Ornamentals

This insecticide may be used outdoors in gardens or in greenhouses throughout the growing season or as a pre-harvest treatment when other insecticides are prohibited due to residue restrictions and use limitations.

For best results, use throughout the growing season to prevent buildups of insect infestations. Using good mechanical, thermal or compressed air equipment, spray plants from a distance of 1 ½ to 2 feet using 7 ½ - 8 fl. oz. to cover 1000 sq. ft. To prevent injury to plants, avoid visibly wetting the foliage.

Apply in the early morning or late evening when air is still, treating all foliage with particular attention to the underside of leaves. Contact insects directly whenever possible. Repeat treatment every 7-10 days or as re-infestation occurs

Retreatment As needed
Shipping Restrictions AK, DC
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Great Results
I have been using Mosquito Beater around my property for a few years to control mosquitos. Tried Bug Beater for the first time to fog area in my woods before having a Bonfire Event. Fogged the area two days before and the night before the event. Had 70+ people over and no report of mosquito or bug issues. This works better than the Mosquito Beater and I am reordering the product.
Review by hwhess / (Posted on 11/7/2016)

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