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Mite X is a ready to use pesticide that is made from plants and plant extracts to control mites, thrips and aphids. It can be used on houseplants, herbs, spices, ornamentals, greenhouse plants and interior plants.

Bonide's Mite X RTU (Ready to use)

Mite X is a ready to use broad spectrum pesticide that is made from plants and plant extracts to control mites, thrips and aphids. It can be used on houseplants, herbs, flowers, ornamentals, vine crops, shrubs, berries, evergreens, greenhouse plants and interior plants. Mite X has a pleasant odor and is safe to use around children and pets.

  • Pest must contact Mite X for best results.
  • Mite X is exempt from EPA registration of FIFRA.

Helpful Tips

  • For severe infestations, alternate with Bonide Eight Concentrate.
  • Do not apply to newly transplanted plants, stressed or wilted plants.
More Information
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Target Pest

Mites : (including, but not limited to) Bulb mite, Cyclamen mite, Strawberry spider mite, Pacific spider mite, European red mite, Texas Six-spotted spider mite, Two-spotted spider mite, Spruce spider mite, Southern red mite, Willamette Mite, Persea mite, Rust mite, Silver mite

Thrips: (including, but not limited to) Avocado thrips, Banded Greenhouse thrips, Citrus thrips, Greenhouse thrips, Onion thrips, Bean thrips, Flower thrips, Western Flower thrips.

Aphids: (including, but not limited to) Asparagus aphid, Bean aphid, Brown Ambrosia aphid, Buckthorn aphid, Cabbage or Turnip aphid, Green Peach aphid, Honeysuckle aphid, Leafcurl Plum aphid, Lettuce Root aphid, Melon aphid, Onion aphid, Pea aphid, Potato aphid, Tulip aphid

Active Ingredient (s) Cottonseed Oil .40%, Clove Oil .20% and Garlic Extract .10%
For Use : Houseplants, Ornamentals, Flowers, Roses
Yield N/A
Mixture|Application N/A
Application Spray Mite X on the plants as soon as the insects appear. Apply to both upper and lower leaf surfaces to the point of run off. If possible, spray directly on the insect for best results.
Retreatment Repeat as needed
Shipping Restrictions N/A
More Instructions

Mite-X has not been used on all plants under all conditions. Some injury may occur to some plants at sensitive stages of growth. Open blooms of some plants can also be damaged. Before applying to a large number of plants, test Mite-X first, on one or two plants for potential damage

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