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Bonide Sedge Ender Concentrate - 16 oz

Walt Cline - Pest Control Professional Pro Tip: "The manufacturer of Sedge Ender recommends NOT using a surfactant with it. It works quite well with no additives."

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Bonide Sedge Ender Concentrate - 16 oz
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Bonide's Sedge Ender Concentrate kills yellow nutsedge, crabgrass, foxtail weeds, and other listed grassy weeds. Sedge Ender provides pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control, killing the toughest weeds, down to the root. Sedge Ender may be used on warm season and coool season grasses and is excellent in cool weathers. Sedge Ender is a selective pre emergence and post-emergence herbicide.

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Sedge Ender Concentrate

Bonide's Sedge Ender Concentrate # 069 kills yellow nutsedge, crabgrass, foxtail weeds, and other listed grassy weeds. Sedge Ender provides pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control, killing the toughest weeds, down to the root. Sedge Ender may be used on warm season and cool season grasses and is excellent in cool weathers. Sedge Ender is a selective pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicide.

Bonide's Sedge Ender Concentrate Feature Benefits

  • Rainproof-Won't wash away
  • Starts working on contact
  • Safe To Use On Both Northern & Southern Lawns
  • Excellent Cool Weather Performance
  • Contains Sulfentrazone Plus Prodiamine
  • 16 oz Treats 2000 To 8700 SqFt.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Pro Tips The manufacturer of Sedge Ender recommends NOT using a surfactant with it. It works quite well with no additives.
Packaging 16 oz
Manufacturer Bonide
Product Label Label
More PDF's No
Target Pest Bonide Sedge Ender Concentrate kills yellow nutsedge, crabgrass, foxtail weeds, and other listed grassy weeds
Active Ingredient (s) Sulfentrazone 1.36%, Prodiamine 2.73%
For Use : Home Lawns only , both cool season grasses and warm season grasses.
Yield One pint treats 2000 to 8700 square feet.
Mixture|Application N/A
Application For listed weeds in cool season grasses, mix 2.75 fl. oz. per gallon of water per 1000 sq. ft. and repeat in 30 to 60 days. For listed weeds in warm season grasses mix 5.5 fl. oz. per gallon of water per 1000 sq ft For listed weeds in St. Augustine grass mix 4 fl. oz. per gallon of water per 1000 sq. ft. and repeat in 30 to 60 days.
Retreatment No
Shipping Restrictions NY
More Instructions No

Customer Reviews 25 item(s)

Excellent for the special weed I have
This is the only product that kills the weed I have; it looks like a wild onion and nothing other than Sedge Ender kills it. Great Product
Review by Great weed killer / (Posted on 5/6/2020)
Bonide Sedge Ender Concentrate
My husband likes this, does the job.
Happy with every product we buy from your company.
Thank you.
Review by SHARON / (Posted on 10/1/2018)
Bonide works GREAT
I am not sure why I have seen a couple comments that this does not work! I applied it at a rate of 5.5 oz/gallon of water and 3 days later all the Goosegrass I sprayed was dead. Now I will say the great big huge ones got really sick and look like they are going to croak, but I gave them a second drink and it finished them off too. I did not waste it on crabgrass but my spot test killed it to, but slowly. I use quinchlorac for crabgrass and it gets 100% but does not touch the goosegrass. So Bonide for goosegrass ( and I had Geesegrass as they were so thick) and quinchlorac ( available also from Do It Yourself Pest control in 1 pound bottles) Neighbors are asking what I am doing to make my yard so weed free
Review by Terry in Oklahoma / (Posted on 9/8/2018)
Couldn't be Happier
GREAT results on my lawn of Fescue. Mixed per instructions into my 3-point sprayer and doused the yard trying to achieve the application rate on the bottle. I'm sure I dispersed more than necessary but the results were positive. Browning of the sedge in two days and completely gone in two weeks. Neighbors called me a witch.
Review by Matilda / (Posted on 7/24/2018)
Worked Great
Worked quickly without yellowing my Bermuda lawn in June. After 3 days the sedge and other weeds were turning yellow-brown with my Bermuda still going strong. I applied using a 4 gal backpack sprayer using the mist setting on the wand.
Review by ChrisB / (Posted on 6/7/2018)
Good stuff
This product works better than Sedgehammer in my experience, and is more reasonably priced.
Review by brock1 / (Posted on 11/30/2017)
This worked GREAT!
I have St Augustine grass and it riddled with nut sedge in south Florida. I used much more than recommended but I have much more area to treat (9000 sq feet) and only a 1 gallon pump sprayer. (Im cheap) so i didnt want to have to retreat if at all possible.

It took 2 weeks ish to see the browning of the weeds. 30 days ish to notice that 90% of my front lawn was all nutsedge weeds and little grass.. lol but its all good. I guess that draw back of killing you weeds is that if your lawn is nothing but weeds, you's have no lawn left. But now I can start laying down sod in the barren areas. MUCH CHEAPER and better results than paying a weed company $50 a month...
Review by multi007 / (Posted on 10/14/2017)
Excellent Product
Morganton, North Carolina - living in the Pacific Northwest until 2013, I never experienced Yellow Nut Sedge (lucky or none there, don't know). Here it began an invasion of my lawn this summer. I had never seen it before so wasn't concerned until it became so invasive I researched the stuff and found out how insidious it is. By additional research at a couple of NC/SC County Extension sites found the best herbicide for it was Bonide Sedge Ender. Best online price was here. Was surprised at the color and consistency - yellow/pea soup - but love the efficacy! Less than a week after application the Yellow Nut Sedge is now "dead brown." Will buy here again if/as needed!
Review by expdxer / (Posted on 9/26/2017)
Great product and it works!
This works and does not kill my centipede grass after applied. But it did kill the other weeds when applied. Would buy again. Also excllent customer service answering all questions I had about Sedge Ender.
Review by Patriot / (Posted on 9/25/2017)
Killed all grass
It DID kill the nut sedge, but also the surrounding grass.
Review by mike / (Posted on 9/1/2017)
Great product, wish it went further
I had 4 large patches of horrible nut sedge scattered throughout my yard. I applied the Sedge Ender and noticed a significantly reduced recurrence of the sedge. You have to wait 30 days between applications and I hope that with my next application it will eradicate the remaining sedge. It did give a slight burn to the tips of the surrounding grass but the grass recovered quickly. My reason for not giving the 5th star is that it doesn't go far. I ordered two of the 16oz. concentrate bottles and one bottle only filled my 2 gallon sprayer twice. I have approx. 1 acre of grass and I was only able to treat the heavy areas using one 16oz. bottle of concentrate, saving the second 16 oz. bottle for the second treatment in 30 days. I was hoping to treat the whole acre so that any sedge that may have spread to other areas of the yard would be eliminated but I did not have enough. Overall, product seems to work very well and I am thrilled to find something that kills the sedge, I just wish it went further.
Review by Carol / (Posted on 8/8/2017)
Works well on a couple different weeds
Works well on nutgrass and kyllinga without surfactant. I added surfactant (Bonide Turbo) and sprayed dallisgrass as well. It died. Yippee. I think it might be the 2,4-d that's one of the active ingredients that took care of the dallisgrass.
Review by Mongo / (Posted on 8/7/2017)
Does the job on nutsedge -- and crabgrass too.
In the past I've used several lawn weed killers that also killed nutsedge. They worked okay but it was usually hit or miss, often requiring multiple applications. For some reason, local stores no longer carry those products, so I ordered Sedge Ender online.

There's no hit or miss about this stuff. A few days after spraying with Sedge Ender the nutsedge is brown and shriveled. I happened to notice that it is also supposed to work on crabgrass so I tried it there -- same result.

My only caution would be to be careful about how much is sprayed. With the old stuff I used to use it seemed like more was better. With this, a little goes a long way. Spraying too much can harm the surrounding grass, so take it easy.
Review by Greg / (Posted on 7/26/2017)
Amazing results!
A week after applying in early spring, the nut sedge started turning yellow and dying. A month later the dying nut sedge is a yellow-brown and the surrounding St. Augustine lawn is green. I'm absolutely amazed at these results. I wouldn't have thought it possible considering that nut sedge is so aggressive.
Review by charoat / (Posted on 5/12/2017)
Review by ALLEN / (Posted on 5/1/2017)
Great stuff. Will definitely buy again.
Applied to areas with sege on Aug 28, 2016 and by Aug 30th results were amazing. 5 stars given for quick kill plus no harm done to yard. Waitint to see if it works on crabgrass.
Review by Jar Head / (Posted on 8/30/2016)
Great product does the job fast
Review by lloyd s / (Posted on 6/20/2016)
Tried other products and still had the sedge. One application of Sedge Ender and it's gone. Works fast too. Fantastic product.
Review by Ruthann / (Posted on 6/7/2016)
I applied this as a preemergent weed control. Cannot tell if it will work yet, but I am very hopeful!
Review by Jan / (Posted on 3/22/2016)
Killed the Sedge Grass in a couple of Days
I tried a lot of weed killers that purported to kill this stuff, but this product worked. It will need another application in about 60 days to ensure that the sedge grass is dead, but right now, the sedge grass is dead in the areas I applied it. Great stuff, and I'll buy more later. I'm completely satisfied with this product. :-)
Review by Great Stuff / (Posted on 5/22/2015)
post emergence on crabgrass
Bought this product to spray post emergence on crabgrass in st augustine turf. Definitely dinged the crabgrass good but time will tell it I can kill it. Will wait awhile and spray second application. Expensive to use @ 4 Oz per 1000 Sq ft. Sedge Hammer is better for nut sedge control.
Review by John / (Posted on 10/16/2014)
Works well
Works as I expected. Have used other products which were more expensive and contained the same active ingredient but was looking for a more economical product. Great delivery also. It is fun to see the nutgrass finally turning yellow and dying out.
Review by Chief / (Posted on 9/27/2014)
As advertised
I had a yard with patches of yellow nutsedge everywhere. I don't anymore!
Review by Joe / (Posted on 9/9/2014)
Great Product
Used this on my Bermuda lawn with 100% kill of nut sedge in a matter of a few days. No damage to my turf grass at all. Applied it in the middle of summer in Oklahoma. I plan to continue using Sedge Ender for fast control of nut sedge.
Review by Rick / (Posted on 9/7/2014)
wish I had heard about it earlier!
Time consuming application process, however seeing the browning sedge, which had is some places of my lawn had really gotten out of control, made the application process worth it.
Review by DIY landscaper / (Posted on 8/30/2014)

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