Chapin Pro Kit Seal Kit #6-5368

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Part Number: 6-5368 Description: Repair Kit
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Chapin Pro Series Seal Kit #6-5368


This part will fit on the following sprayers:

  • Premier Poly Sprayer - 1G/3.8L-#21210
  • Premier Poly Sprayer - 2G/7.6L-#21220
  •  Premier Poly Sprayer - 3G/11.4L-#21230
  • Industrial Poly Concrete Sprayer - 3G -#22170
  • Industrial Poly Viton Concrete Sprayer - 3G -#22180
  • Industrial Poly Viton Concrete Sprayer - 3G-#22190
  • Industrial Viton Cleaner/Degreaser - 2G-#22350
  • Industrial Viton Cleaner/Degreaser - 3G #22360
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