ContraPest Rat Reproductive Bait

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ContraPest 400ml Evo Tank and Tray-1 Unit
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ContraPest is a non-lethal liquid that reduces the reproductive capabilities of both the Roof rat and Norway rat. It is highly attractive to rats with its high fat and sweet taste, even with competing for food and water sources.  A published study shows a 46% reduction in rat activity after three months. Rat population rebound can be controlled.

ContraPest-Brings Fertility Control To Rat Populations

One of the more pervasive rat control issues is killing the growing rat population more quickly than it can reproduce. This population increase is called the "rebound effect". If you do not significantly reduce the rat population, it may rebound back to the original size or larger. ContraPest will tackle this very common problem by proactively targeting their reproductive capabilities with this highly attractive sweet and fatty liquid bait.

There has not been a bait aversion shown to ContraPest.

How Does ContraPest Work?

  1. After your rodent inspection to determine location of rat activity, place the ContraPest Tanks and its accompanied tray inside a Protecta Evo Express bait station.
  2. The rats will drink the Contrapest liquid bait (non-lethal) as they search for a water source.
  3. The rat population begins to reduce.

Benefits of ContraPest

  • Long-term rat population management
  • Non-lethal solution
  • Reduce Infestation Levels
  • Minimize Handler Risk


  • Single Unit (Contrapest 400 ml Evo Tanks and Feeder Tray)
  • (Protecta Evo Bait Station +1 Key + ( 2 ) Contrapest 400 ml Evo Tanks and Feeder Trays
  • Extra keys: Protecta Evo Replacement Keys

Prepare the outside of your home before placements of the ContraPest.

  • Remove bird feeders and bird baths. They both encourage rat populations by supplying them water and food sources.
  • Trim overgrown tree limbs and clutter that encourage rodent habitats.
  • Remove branches, fallen fruit, leaves, and needles from the ground.
  • Remove brush piles.
  • Stacked firewood needs to be off the ground at least 18 inches, and 12 inches from a wall for optimal sanitation.
  • For more information on rat inspection, control, and exclusion tips: Rat Control
  1. After a rodent inspection, place The ContraPest Tank and its accompanied tray inside a Protecta Evo Express bait station in area of rat activity.
  2. The rats will be attracted to the fatty, sweet formulation and drink it.
  3. The rat population begins to decrease.
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