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Argentine Ants

Argentine Ant Identification and Treatment

argentine ants


  • dark to light brown
  • 1/12-1/8 inches
  • creates a musty odor when crushed
  • large trails


  • cracks and crevices
  • patio areas, plants, sidewalks, driveways, near water, under buildings and moist soil next to structures

Geographic Location

  • California
  • southern United States

Treatment Methods


  • find trail or colony and apply bait
  • use slow acting bait, allows workers to bring back the bait to the colony
  • tend to eat more sweet foods than protein foods but will go in cycles like any other ant
  • remove all competing food sources

-Sweet Baits

-Protein Baits

Ant Bait Kits for Argentine Ants

Spraying insecticides

  • use non-repellent insecticides
  • spray around perimeter of household and any entry points (window sills, doorways, AC units, etc.)
  • most effective method of eliminating ant problems

Taurus SC
Dominion 2L
Fuse Insecticide

Recommended Method

The top recommended method combines a non-repllent spray( Taurus SC) and recommended ant baits.

For more information: Argentine Ants

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