Flea Aerosols

Aerosols for Fleas

The top recommendations in this category are Pivot Ultra, Precor 22625 Plus Premise Spray, Ultracide, Nyguard Plus and Alpine Flea Aerosols.

All of these pressurized insecticides combine an insect growth regulator and an insecticide together. The insect growth regulator is to stop the flea cycle and the insecticide is to kill the emerging flea pupae for the first 6 weeks. It takes about 6 weeks for the flea cycle to be cut and it generally lasts about 6 months on the floor surfaces.

One aerosol can will cover more square footage on hard surfaces than carpeted or rug surfaces. When purchasing these flea sprays, allow enough for two treatments within the six week period. One can will cover about 2,000 square feet of hard floor surfaces such as hard woods, tile, and concrete. Allow one can per 1,000 - 1,500 square feet for rugs, furniture and carpets.

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