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Insect Growth Regulators

What are an IGRs?

Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs) are a type of chemical that breaks the life cycle of the roach. Common active ingredients in IGRs are hydroprene, methoprene, and pyridine. Common product names are Gentrol, Nygard, Surge and Archer.

How do roaches respond to IGRs?

If is quite helpful in cutting down the roach population from reducing. It is very important in German roach control.

How do I use IGRs

For German roach control, we suggest a high quality bait such as Invict Roach Bait to kill the current stages

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  1. Tekko Pro -16 oz

    Starting at: $21.90

    Tekko Pro is an innovative new insect growth regulator from Control Solutions. Tekko Pro prevents fleas and listed cockroaches from developing to egg-laying adults. It provides long-term and effective control of fleas, ticks, flies, roaches, gnats, mosquitoes,crickets, litter beetles, and ants by disrupting the life cycle.

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  2. Gentrol Complete Aerosol

    Gentrol Complete Aerosol is a one-step product, reducing product costs and saving you time. Gentrol Complete Aerosol combines and insect growth regulator to cut the life cycle ( Hydroprene-IGR) and an insecticide (Lambda-Cyhalothrin) to kill the adult stages of many kitchen pests.

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  3. German Roach Spray Kit

    This kit for german roach control contains all that you need if you prefer to spray for German roach control. It contains a non-repellent insecticide called Advion WDG, an IGR called Tekko Pro and a contact/flushing aerosol called Stryker 54.

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  4. Gentrol Aerosol

    The active ingredient in Gentrol Aerosol is Hydroprene 0.36%.Gentrol Aerosol is an insect growth regulator, a non-repellent, long term, and compatible in baiting programs. Dissipating foam assures complete coverage. 16 oz. can cover 1200 sq.ft of surface area.

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  5. Gentrol IGR

    Starting at: $64.60

    Gentrol IGR Liquid Concentrate is an insect growth regulator. Gentrol IGR prevents developing roaches from reaching sexual maturity by inhibiting their growth and breaking the cycle. Gentrol IGR is labeled for food and non food areas. Food Service last about 2 months. Private residence last 4 months.

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  6. Gentrol Point Source-20 disc to box

    Starting at: $2.55

    Gentrol Point Source is a special device that contains the Gentrol Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) hydroprene for 90-day control of roaches and other stored product pests.Gentrol Point Source covers 75 square feet .A ctivating Gentrol Point Source is as simple as squeezing the raised end of the plastic, adhesive-back device, releasing the Gentrol IGR onto a filter paper.

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  7. Pivot 10 IGR Concentrate

    Pivot 10 IGR Concentrate stops the reproduction cycle, providing control of fleas, stored product pests, listed roaches, crickets, litter beetles and flying insects. Learn More
  8. Nyguard IGR in two sizes

    Starting at: $53.70

    Nyguard IGR Concentrate is classified as an insect growth regulator. Ny Guard IGR  lasts for 7 months. NyGuard IGR prevents insects such as fleas, roaches and pantry pest from maturing into reproductive adults thereby controlling future infestations by cutting into the reproductive cycle. Nyguard has a broad-spectrum product label that delivers excellent results. Nyguard is commonly used with insecticides (non-IGR's) for rapid results. Learn More
  9. Archer IGR

    Archer Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) interferes with the growth cycle of pests with Pyriproxyfen. It provides a long-lasting residue (up to 7 months), stopping the development of egg-laying adults. An unique feature of Archer IGR is its ability to remain stable in sunlight up to 14 days.

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  10. NyGuard EZ1

    Starting at: $39.60

    Nyguard EZ1 is an insect growth regulator with pyriproxyfen, that cuts the reproductive cycle of fleas, roaches, ants, and flies. Pyriproxyfen not only breaks the life cycle of these insects, but prevents re-infestation by interfering with their growth process. The active ingredient, Pyriproxyfen can be found in both NyGuard EZ1 and NyGuard IGR, but with different formulas. Both of these formulations of NyGuard are photostable in sunlight and can be used outdoors in yards to control fleas.

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