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Should I use Termite Chemicals or Bait Stations?


Termite Chemical Insecticide

Termite control products are constantly evolving. The termite product market has changed over the years because the EPA has removed the more dangerous termiticides from the market. Today’s best termiticides belong to a group of chemicals called non-repellent insecticides. The non-repellents are effective because termites cannot detect them. Termites crawl through the chemical without realizing it and track the chemical back to their nest where it will kill the entire colony including the queen. The most widely used termite chemicals are Taurus SC, Termidor SC, Adonis 75 WSP, Dominion 2L, Tandem, and Altriset. We prefer the fipronil based products Taurus SC and Termidor SC. If you are treating large structures or multiple homes, you may want to look at our B&G Termite Tools

Termite Bait Stations

Similar to liquid termite insecticides, termite bait systems are changing and improving every year. Our top recommendation for baiting termites is the Advanced Termite Bait System. If you don't currently see signs of termites, bait stations are a good way to detect new infestations.

Most people discover that they have termites in one of these ways: Do you have termites?

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