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DeTour for Rodents and Insects

DeTour for Rodents and Insects
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Detour for Rodents-Rodent Repellent is an all natural bio-repellent that detours or drives rodents away from targeted areas. Detour for Rodents causes stress in the rodent population. Normally rodents, especially rats are trap shy. Because of the stress introduced in the population by Detour, the rodent's shyness around rat traps is decreased. This makes rodent trapping easier and more effective. Detour for Rodents will not harm rodents.



DeTour for Rodents and Insects

Detour for Rodents and Insects (formerly called Detour for Rodents) is an all natural bio-repellent that detours or drives rodents and insects away from targeted areas. Detour is a Fifra EPA 25b exempt product.

How Does DeTour For Rodents and Insects Work?

Detour For Rodents and Insects works by sealing cracks and crevices and holes; removing entering points. This sealant will help to reduce harborage areas and areas of entry by its barrier. Detour for Rodents Rodent Repellent contains white pepper (in a food grade mineral oil ) as a contact irritant. This irritant will repel the rodents and insects, as they do not want to cross over it.

The white pepper in Detour for Insects and Rodents is NSF approved to strict standards for public health protection and is in use in the manufacturing of hot sauce.

Detour Usage and Rodent Control

  • Detour for Rodents and Insects causes stress in the rodent population. Normally rodents, especially rats are trap shy and are shy of new traps or objects. This shyness is reduced by the stress caused by the usage of Detour. This stress/pressure makes rodent trapping easier and more efficient. Detour for Rodents will not harm rodents.
  • Because Detour for Rodents/Insects Rodent contains white pepper, it acts as a contact irritant. Detour will deliver this contact irritant to the rodent in their fur, nerve endings, and sensory organs.They can not remove it from their fur.
  • These rodents have what the manufacturers call a "negative experience." From this experience, the rodents look for an escape. Using Detour for Rodents on entry points would also discourage them from coming inside.
  • As the rodents step on Detour, it will adhere to their feet, and they carry it back to their harboring site and infect other rodents. This forces them to evacuate and search for another harboring area.
  • Detour also serves as a rodent monitoring tool. As the rodent walks across the gel, it will leave it's foot print, indicating activity.

How to use DeTour for Rodents

As a contact irritant, the rodent needs to come in contact with the material. This product may be used as a stand-alone rodent control product or partnered with traps or rodent baits.

In a usual rodent control program, traps or baits are set out at regular intervals. Using the Detour Rodent control program would require investigating the rodent behavior to develop a strategy to force the rodents to come in contact with this irritant. As such it uses the rodent as it's delivery system. Apply DeTour to locations where rodent droppings are found after inspection or where rodents are currently active. Typical application locations are runways, food sources, pipe chases, wall voids, holes, ceilings or any areas where rodents may come in contact with the product.

DeTour in the path of the rodents. DETOUR may be used in any of the locations listed as long as placements are in areas where people or pets will not contact the applied material.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Pro Tips Not Available
Packaging 10 oz
Manufacturer PiGNX
Product Label Label
More PDF's No
Target Pest Seals out: Bed bugs, rats, mice, birds, raccoons, opossums, squirrels, snakes, ants, roaches, scorpions
Active Ingredient (s) White Pepper 3% Inert Ingredients: White Mineral Oil (Food Grade ) 87%, Silica 10%
For Use :

Inside , Outside and points of entry

  • Application: Detour Rodent Repellent can be applied in a bead about 1/2 inch thick. The thicker the bead is, the longer Detour will last, and it will increase its effectiveness. It may also be applied using a brush. Remember, that rodent needs to cross over Detour and step on it to carry it on their feet, and back to their dens. It will help drive out the rats from these harboring areas.
  • Interior: Apply DeTour to locations where rodent droppings are found after inspection or where rodents are currently active. Such areas as runways, food sources, pipe chases, wall voids, holes, ceilings or any areas where rodents may come in contact with the product.
  • DeTour may be applied in current rodent equipment like bait stations or rodent boxes. Keep it covered in areas where humans may come in contact. DeTour may be used directly to floor areas, wall voids, if there is no potential for human contact. DeTour may be placed on devices like 16 oz soda lids or waxed cardboard cutouts for temporary applications when the product will need to be removed at some point or for cleanout situations. DeTour is great in areas where regular service is difficult, i.e., under grocery store gondolas, shelves, racks and other inaccessible locations. A bead of DeTour under these racks will create a rodent No-Go zone. If there are active rodent infestations under gondolas DeTour may be used to force the rodents away from the middle of the store.
  • Exterior: DeTour can serve as a contact barrier at entry points that the rodents would use. DeTour for Rodents around the entire perimeter where the siding meets the foundation and around any potential entry points will prevent rodents from entering the structure at these points.
Yield DeTour repellent comes in a 10 oz tube and can cover up to 2000 sq.ft (less square feet for thicker beads)
Mixture|Application N/A

Application Instructions:

Identify the rodent's activity , it's trails and runways.Look for areas of rodent activity including locations where droppings, rub marks or gnaw marks are visible and place Detour for Rodents can be applied in about a one-half inch bead. If it is thick, it stays a little longer.The rodents need to walk on it , as they travel after contact, they track it to other areas. Place it in direct paths.

DeTour in the 10 Oz Tubes requires the use of a standard caulking gun

Suggested Application Areas

  1. Kitchens
  2. Food storage areas
  3. Underneath or Behind Cabinets
  4. Ceilings
  5. Attic Spaces
  6. Behind or Underneath Kitchen Equipment
  7. Inside voids/chases in walls, floors or ceilings
  8. Exterior perimeter at any potential entry point and along areas where rodents might travel
  9. Under Grocery Store Gondolas to create a rodent "no-Go Zone"
  10. Inject directly into inaccessible wall voids to drive rodents out of hiding.
  11. Areas where you see signs of activity include feces, urine trails and rub marks
  12. Around the base of trees
  13. Directly into Rodent Burrows
  14. Identify food sources and use DeTour to cut off rodents from the food source
Retreatment No
Shipping Restrictions N/A
More Instructions

Application Warnings

Application to Porous Surfaces
Porous surfaces (like unpainted wood or concrete) can absorb the oils from the DeTour. These surfaces need to be sealed prior to application. If you think surface may be porous, apply some product to the surface and leave it for a couple days. If the product becomes like rubber the oils have been pulled from the product rendering it ineffective. There are a couple solutions to this.
1. Inverted Marking Paint can be purchased in spray cans from Home Depot. It comes in a clear and should cost around $5.00/can. Simply spray the surface where the PiGNX will be applied, wait until dry and apply PiGNX over the clear treated surface.
2. DeTour may be applied to a 4 x 4 Roof metal flashing that can be purchased from Home Depot or Lowes - this can be used as an absorption barrier

For Commercial Infestations

It is suggested to apply Detour after closing, because of the stress introduced.Rodent activity may be increased.

apply DeTour for Rodents after closing, as stressed rodents may become very active once exposed to the product and they attempt to leave the treated areas. Have bait and traps in place.

How long with DeTour for Rodents last?

DeTour is very durable and will last indefinitely in undisturbed areas such as wall voids or under shelves in dry areas. Under heavy rodent infestations, animals will carry the product away and reapplication may be required. Areas of heavy cleaning will require additional monitoring to insure the product has not been washed away


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Short term effectiveness
this product works for a short time. By the time it is placed in the squirrel nest it is full of debris (dirt, leaves or twigs) and the squirrels just run over it. I have more critters now than ever.
Review by lb / (Posted on 7/7/2015)

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