FirstLine GT Plus Termite Bait Stations -Discontinued

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Firstline (First Line) GT Termite Bait Stations are 6 in-ground bait stations for the First Line Smart Disk Monitors. These Firstline bait stations are designed to use with the monitoring stations, not alone. 
Active ingredient by weight: Sulfluramid - 0.01%
*CANNOT be sold in NY or CT

Firstline Termite Bait Stations - 6

Active ingredient by weight:  Sulfluramid - 0.01%

  • The FirstLine (First Line) GT Bait Station is the same as the Terminate bait. 
  • The difference in the amount of bait in each system is substantial -- about 15 times more in the FirstLine GT Bait. 
  • See picture below.

    FirstLine GT     Terminate Bait Station
    Bait Station

    FirstLine GT Plus Termite Bait Stations (6)

    Target Pest: Subterranean, Coptotermes, Heterotermes, and Reticulitermes termites


FirstLine GT Plus Termite Bait Station is ready to use and filled with a treated cellulosic matrix containing 100 ppm sulfluramid, a slow acting insecticide. The use of this bait suppresses/controls termite infestations. The termite activity depends on the species involved, weather, moisture, and season. Termites may require 1 to 4 months or more for control. Permitted areas of use include commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings and structures such as, houses, apartment buildings, laboratories, stores, warehouses, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, churches, food manufacturing, processing and service establishments and their immediate surroundings.

For structures with an active infestation:

For use around residential, daycare, and pre-school structures. A maximum of 30 FirstLine GT Plus Termite Bait Stations can be installed (in the ground at any one time). For use around commercial, industrial, and institutional structures (except daycare or pre-school structures) use as many FirstLine GT Plus Termite Bait Stations as needed. Use one FirstLine GT Plus Termite Bait Station in an area of heavy termite activity. Bury the FirstLine GT Plus Termite Bait Station up to its cap in soil, wood, or mulch or completely bury the FirstLine GT Plus Termite Bait Station to help prevent tampering.

Please refer to and follow the directions on the Firstline GT Plus Termite Bait Station product label.

Cannot be shipped to NY or CT

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