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Clothes Moths

Clothes Moths

Clothes moths are fabric pests that eat natural fibers like wool, fur, and feathers, as well as stored food products such as, meal, fish and meats. They digest keratin as their number one protein component. Keratin can be found in wool, hair, feathers, etc. It is important to inspect the room and closets entirely and take the infested garments or rugs to the dry cleaners or launder them.

We carry clothes moth traps that are designed to attract the male moth. The traps have a glue surface with either pre baited pheromone in the glue or a pheromone package that is to be placed on the glue surface. Only use one trap per room when placing out the traps. If you put too many traps in a room, the pheromones are overwhelming, and the male moth can not target the pheromone on the glue surface.

Their are two clothes moths, the webbing clothes moth and the casemaking clothes moth. The more common clothes moth is the webbing clothes moth. After proper identification, choose the appropiate trap and lure. The X Lure Fabric Insect Trap may be used on both webbing clothes moths and casemaking clothes moths. The X Lure Fabric Insect Trap will also catch carpet beetles. If you need help with identification, please give us a call.

  • Webbing Clothes Moths: Use the Safer Alert, Propest Clothes Moth Traps, and  Safestore X Lure Clothes Moth Trap, or X Lure Insect Fabric Trap
  • Casemaking Clothes Moths: Use Safestore Casemaking Clothes Moth Traps or X Lure Insect Fabric Trap
  • Use Bedlam Plus, Temprid Ready Spray, or D-Fense SC insecticides in cracks and crevices for additional protection.
  • For more information: Get Rid Of Fabric Pests.
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