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Drain Flies

Drain flies are a common name for flies that live and breed near and around drains, small puddles, grease and rotting organic material.  They have a variety of names such as:

  • Moth Flies
  • Phorid Flies
  • Sphaerocerid Flies
  • Cheese Skipper Flies
  • Fungus Gnats

Methods of Control Drain Flies:

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  1. Invade Bio Mop/Cleaner

    Starting at: $39.95

    Invade Bio/Mop Cleaner contains microbes and citrus oil for hard surface cleaning and mopping. The microbes inside Invade Bio Cleaner will get into the cracks and crevices in floor tiles, baseboards and drains to eliminate odors and organic buildup. Normal mopping pushes small particles of food and other organic matter into cracks, crevices, and voids where it may build up and eventually cause a problem. If you use Invade Bio/Mop Cleaner as a mopping solution, you are placing the microbes where they need to be....eating up the scum.Cleaning up organic debris contributes to improved roach and fly control.

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  2. Invade Natural Clean

    Invade Natural Clean cleans with natural microbes and without harsh chemicals. It combines premium microbes, natural essential oil and coconut soap to eliminate organic debris and odors. It has been formulated for locations that need to meet National Organic Program criteria.

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  3. Invade Hot Spot Probiotic

    Invade Hot Spot contains the same premium microbes and ingredients as InVade Bio Foam. Apply Invade Hot Spot to cracks, crevices, or anywhere scum and organic debris accumulates. This convenient ready to use probiotic in a can will cling and stay on surfaced areas. As a probiotic, it eats into the scum to improve sanitation. The premium blend of microbes will digest the organic build-up and leave a citrus odor.

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  4. Bar Defender Drain Gel (1) 4 oz bottle

    Starting at: $15.89

    Bar Defender Drain Gel is a super-charged drain gel formula and a handy solution for the bar/food service industry in its war against fruit flies. The 4 oz bottle contains over 2 billion active bacterial spores that attack the breeding grounds of fruit and drain flies. These breeding grounds include fats, oils, and grease. It will not only improve the flow of the drains but improve drain odor. It is perfect for sinks, floor drains, soda fountains, floor sinks, floor drains and beer tap dispensers.

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  5. UltraFloor Defender -5 x

    Starting at: $10.50

    UltraFloor Defender is an all natural based floor cleaner using a proprietary blend of active bacteria cultures and surfactant agents. These cultures break down the build up of grease, fatty acids, and soil, removing it from floor surfaces and grout. It also eliminates slippery floors and removes odors.

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  6. Drain Maintainer Basket System

    Starting at: $18.90

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  7. Vector Plasma Fly Light Trap - Grill

    Starting at: $252.95

    Vector Plasma Fly Lights come in two different models( Vector Plasma Grill and Vector Plasma Screen) and is used in many back of house areas, restaurants and commercial kitchens. With Vector Plasma Fly Light, achieve rapid fly control with this fast-acting unit. The Vector Plasma is quick, sleek, light weight and delivers 72-watts of insect attraction. The Lift & Service cover makes service and maintenance a snap.

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