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Drain Flies in Restaurants

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  1. PT 565 Plus XLO Aerosol

    565 Plus XLO Contact Insecticide with pyrethrin provides a quick knockdown and has flushing capabilities. It may be used as a space spray or directed contact spray with its crack and crevice tip. As a low odor insecticide, It is perfect for inspecting for insects as if flushes them out of their hiding areas. It kills a broad range of flying and crawling insects.

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  2. Invade Natural Clean

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    Invade Natural Clean cleans with natural microbes and without harsh chemicals. It combines premium microbes, natural essential oil and coconut soap to eliminate organic debris and odors. It has been formulated for locations that need to meet National Organic Program criteria.

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  3. Invade SeptiTreat

    Invade SeptiTreat

    Invade SeptiTreat is a 100% natural biological treatment to keep septic systems functioning properly and sewer lines flowing. The professional quality, premium natural microbial bacteria in SeptiTreat helps breakdown and digest organic waste. This waste includes oils, fats, grease(FOG), proteins, carbohydrates, cellulose and urea. If the septic system backs up and does not work properly, foul odors and lawn damage could result. SepiTreat digests the organic waste. SeptiTreat's bacteria help replenish the natural bacteria needed to breakdown an abundance of organic waste. If too much disinfectant chemicals have been used, the natural bacteria may be eliminated. SepiTreat will also restore natural bacteria to the system.

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  4. Invade Bio Bullet

    Starting at: $5.50

    Invade Bio Bullets are solid blocks with microbes that attack organic waste in lower flow systems like restaurant grease traps. Invade Bio Bullets contain naturally occurring microbes (non-pathogenic bacteria) that are non-toxic.

    This bio remediation product is designed to reduce the sludge, oils, grease buildup, fats and other food-based waste and odors. Invade Bio Bullets are super-concentrated for the big jobs. They slowly dissolve over a 30-90 day period. This will allow for continuous treatment and degradation of waste.

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  5. Beverage Tray Defender

    Use the Beverage Tray Defender in beverage trays to prevent cold water mold that causes fruit fly breeding. It cleans grate drain lines and prevents them from clogging. Learn More
  6. UltraFloor Defender -5 x

    Starting at: $10.50

    UltraFloor Defender is an all natural based floor cleaner using a proprietary blend of active bacteria cultures and surfactant agents. These cultures break down the build up of grease, fatty acids, and soil, removing it from floor surfaces and grout. It also eliminates slippery floors and removes odors.

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  7. UltraFloor Defender Kit

    UltraFloor Defender Kit

    Save money with this combination of UltraFloor Defender Products.

    • (1) UltraFloor Defender 10x valued at $48.00
    • (1) UltraFloor Defender 5x valued at $34.00
    • (1 Ultra Floor Dispenser valued at $13.90
    • Total Value -$95.40 for $85.86
  8. FloorSink Defender

    Use Floor Sink Defender in floor sinks to eliminate oils, greases, fats and malodors. It is an eco-friendly, pesticide-free, and passive device placed in the floor sink in order to break down the oils and greases that attract fruit flies and other insects.

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  9. Sink Defender

    The Sink Defender by Pure Drain Defender is a small plastic ball made of an all-natural, eco-friendly compound. Sink Defender aids in the elimination of fruit fly breeding by attacking the reproduction ground and grease build up in sink drains. Learn More
  10. Soda Nozzle Defender

    Starting at: $20.55

    Soda Nozzle Defender is a soda nozzle cleaner with dissolving action formula that mixes with water. It breaks down and removes hardened syrups and sugars, leaving soda nozzle and diffuser parts clean and germ free.

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