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Restaurant Flying Insect Control

Controlling Flies in the restaurant setting is best achieved using a combination of Fly Lights and Fly Bait

By Walt Cline

  • Fly Lights: Electronic fly trap placement and selection depends on the location.

    Dining Rooms, discreet fly traps are recommended. Top choices include the Naturale Fly Trap, made of real bamboo, or the Virolite 40. When wall space is not available to mount the fly trap, the On-Top Pro can be used with a drop ceiling.

    Commercial Kitchens, the best fly traps are the Black Matrix, Visu 80, or the Visu 30. Fly traps for the kitchen are more visible than the discreet variety, such as Gardner WS85 Wall Sconce, but they catch more flies and are the most effective. Remember to replace the lamp bulbs at least once a year. The spectrum of light the flies see usually burns out before the bulb itself. To check the life of your bulbs, use a UV-meter to measure the light and accurately determine when the bulb should be replaced.

  • Fly Bait: Use Golden Malrin Fly Bait , Maxforce Granular Fly Bait, or Zyrox Fly Bait outside only in non-food contact areas: dumpsters, grease pits, around doors, and places where flies originate.
  • Sanitation: Use UltraFloor Defender as a mop solution on floor surfaces and grout. This floor cleaner is made of active bacteria cultures to break down grease, soil and fatty acids. Consistent use improves sanitation, resulting in better pest management.
  • Aerosols:  These provide a quick and efficient knockdown of your fly population
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  1. Catchmaster Disposable Fly Trap

    Catchmaster Disposable Fly Trap (975-8) for catching flies outside. Safe and easy to use with no pesticides.
    The Catchmaster Disposable Fly Trap has a specially formulated lure designed to attract most common fly species.  Use outside on home exteriors, farms, camping, patios and decks.Can be sealed and thrown away as sanitary disposability. The special locking cap feature ensures that the contents  will not spill or emit unwanted odors. Each bag comes with an easy open  pop-cap and twist tie for hanging.

    Packaging:  singles or 8 traps to a box Learn More
  2. Greenway Fruit Fly Trap

    Greenway Fruit Fly Traps by Insects Limited catch fruit flies with an all natural lure and their unique funnel tops. These tops allow the fruit flies to enter the trap but prevent the fruit flies from escaping. Place these traps near the locations of the fruit flies, usually around food preparation areas. They are safe to use around pets or children and are non-toxic. Use as many traps as needed for elimination of the fruit flies. It is also important to locate and eliminate the possible sources of fruit flies. Possible sources include sink or floor drains, disposal systems, cracks and crevices, organic debris around refrigerators, decaying fruit or vegetables (that may have been left in storage or dropped to a hidden place). Possible sources also include in spillage of fruit juices, liquor, beer, syrups, vinegar, that may have spilled out and was not completely cleaned. It is important to clean out any hidden breeding areas.

    Packaging: 1 box of 2 fruit fly traps.

    Learn More
  3. Catchmaster 948 Fly Glue Trap w/ Attractant

    Starting at: $10.50

    This giant fly glue trap by Catchmaster measures 12" x 48", with 268 square inches of surface per trap. It has a multi-bait attractant in the glue to lure the flies on to the glue board. The fluorescent chartreuse color also attracts the flies. Use where ever the flies are a problem such as barns, stables, homes, animal health facilities or restaurants and commercial food areas.

    Learn More
  4. Country Vet CV-80D Aerosol

    Out of stock

    Country Vet's CV-80D, with 0.5% pyrethrins provides a fast contact kill for many flying and crawling insects. Learn More
  5. Maxforce Granular Fly Bait -5lbs

    Starting at: $49.50

    Maxforce Granula Fly bait is used for the control of House Flies in and around areas such as Livestock Facilities and stables, warehouses, dumpsters, recycling areas, and outside non-food contact areas of restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, grease pits or loading docks.

    Learn More
  6. Drain Fly Kit

    This kit contains 2 qts of Invade Bio Drain Treatment  + (1) 20 oz can of PT 565 Plus XLO

    How to Use Invade Drain Fly Kit

    • First use clear packing tape, with holes punched in the top and place over drain to see if there are drain flies coming out of the drain. Use clear tape so you can see thu it and punch holes in it for ventilation.
    • Use the Invade Bio Drain Gel to eliminate the source from the drains
    • Use the PT 565 Pyrethrin Aerosol to treat drain flies as a space spray to kill on contact
    Learn More
  7. UltraFloor Defender -5 x

    Starting at: $10.50

    UltraFloor Defender is an all natural based floor cleaner using a proprietary blend of active bacteria cultures and surfactant agents. These cultures break down the build up of grease, fatty acids, and soil, removing it from floor surfaces and grout. It also eliminates slippery floors and removes odors.

    Learn More
  8. Invade Hot Spot Probiotic

    Invade Hot Spot contains the same premium microbes and ingredients as InVade Bio Foam. Apply Invade Hot Spot to cracks, crevices, or anywhere scum and organic debris accumulates. This convenient ready to use probiotic in a can will cling and stay on surfaced areas. As a probiotic, it eats into the scum to improve sanitation. The premium blend of microbes will digest the organic build-up and leave a citrus odor.

    Learn More
  9. Invite Kil Zone

    Out of stock

    Invite Kil Zone

    Invite Kil Zone, from Rockwell Labs is a liquid lure, designed to attract house, stable, and blowflies. As a potent attractant, it has17 different pheromones, food, and breeding site attractants combined to attract flies without an overbearing smell.

    Learn More
  10. Fruit Fly Destroyer Kit

    Fruit Fly Destroyer, a proprietary liquid bacteria formula by Pure Drain Defender breaks the life cycle of the fruit fly. As the fruit fly digests the Fruit Fly Destroyer liquid bacteria, it can no longer eat, and its cycle ends.

    This eco-friendly product sprayed on non-food areas like mop heads, under sink areas, around drain covers, garbage cans, and janitorial closets, helps eliminate fruit flies and keep drains clear. Fruit Fly Destroyer helps to eliminate its food source.

    Learn More

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