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Fogging and Misting Systems

Mosquito Foggers and Mosquito Fogging/Misting System Chemicals

Propane foggers, electric foggers, oil based and water based pyrethrins and residual insecticides for fogging mosquitoes in the yard and foliage.The advantage of using a fogger instead of a typical garden type pump sprayer, is that you coat the leaves more effectively and it can reach deeper into the foliage with its higher pressure.


  1. Electric Foggers (Cold Foggers). Cold Foggers can use water or oil based insecticides (B&G Fogger My-Ti-Lite 2300, B&G Fogger Ultra LIte 2400, B&G Fogger Flex A Lite 2600 and B&G Versa Backpack Fogger are cold foggers)
    • Using Residual Insecticides: You can fog with cold foggers with residual products such as Bifen IT, Mosquito Mist, Sector, Vector Ban Plus or LambdaStar UltraCap 9.7. Residual insecticides will last around 30 days outside. If you have heavy rains, you will need to reapply. (Mosquito Mist may be used in both a thermal fogger and a cold fogger. Must be diluted an oil carrier in thermal foggers such as kerosene).
    • Using Quick Kill Insecticides -Contact Kill (non-residual) are many times used in cold foggers or 55 gallon misting systems for a quick knockdown, but will not last. These products have pyrethrin as their major ingredient. Styker 5-25, Riptide,VamPyre, Misting Concentrates Hyperion Advanced Mist Concentrate combines a three day residual with a quick knockdown.
    • Mosquito Repellent: Mosquito Barrier is made of 99.0% garlic for a strong repellency. It may be fogged in both a cold fogger or a thermal fogger, as well as used in a hand held pump sprayer.
  2. Thermal Foggers (Propane Foggers): Bonide's Propane Fogger is a thermal fogger run by a propane tank. There is not a residual insecticide that will work in a thermal fogger, just quick kill or contact insecticides. We suggest  Mosquito Mist, Bug Beater, Mosquito Beater or Prentox Pyrethrin Pyronyl Oil Concentrate
  3. Automatic Spraying/Misting Systems: Stryker 5-25, Riptide, Mosquito Mist Ultra, Hyperion Concentrate, Vector Ban, Vector Ban Plus, Vam Pyre. Some are labeled for indoor animal quarters(barns), some only outside misting systems. Please check product labels for complete instruction.
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  1. Stryker 5-25

    Stryker 5-25 is a new product by Control Solutions. Pronounced "Striker", Stryker 5-25 strikes insects dead with a water based micro-emulsion blend of Pyrethrin 5.0% and Piperonyl Butoxide 25.0%. It may be used for over 60 insects including mosquitoes, moths, cockroaches, ants, spiders, flies, midges, ticks on 60 use sites.

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  2. Mosquito Mist Ultra

    Starting at: $49.90

    Use Mosquito Mist Ultra in residential mosquito misting systems by mixing one quart to 55 gallons of water. Mosquito Mist Ultra by Control Solutions is a synergized permethrin used as a quick knockdown of flying insects, including organophosphate-resistant mosquitoes. This formulation contains 20.6 Permethrin combined with 20.6 PBO (Piperonyl Butoxide), which acts as a synergist. It controls adult mosquitoes, midges and blackflies.

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  3. Sector Misting Concentrate-64 oz

    Starting at: $78.50

    Sector Misting Concentrate with two powerful active ingredients, Permethrin and PBO provides a quick kill and a residual control of tough flying insects such as flies, gnats, biting midges, no-see-ums and mosquitoes. Sector Misting Concentrate is a water based polymeric surfactant system that is stable in solution. It will not harm most ornamental plants; safe to use in landscape areas and lawns.

    Sector's Uses and Application

    Sector may be used in automatic misting systems, outdoor premise spray, surface spray on animals and animal premises, and indoors as a surface spray in non-food areas.

    Method of application includes, automatic misting systems, compressed air sprayers, ULV cold foggers and power sprayers.

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  4. Mosquito Fogger Kit

    Every thing you need to fog mosquitoes outside.

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  5. Vector Ban Plus Insecticide-8 oz

    Starting at: $22.25

    Vector Ban Plus Insecticide in an excellent alternative for misting systems and mosquito control to the expensive pyrethrum based products such as Riptide. Vector Ban Plus contains 10% Permethrin plus10% Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO) and is a water-based insecticide. Permethrin is a synthetic form of pyrethrum, and PBO is a synergist that activates the permethrin. Compare to Sector Misting Concentrate with the same label.

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  6. Bonide Fog RX Insect Fogger #420

    Rid your yard of mosquitoes and other insects with help from the Bonide Fog Rx Insect Fogger. This insect fogger is made of durable nylon and features a translucent bowl to allow you to see any unused insecticide.
    The easy trigger action dispenses microscopic particles that disappear quickly, leaving no active residue. The self-starting ignitor switch creates a spark that lights the heater coil, generating the heat necessary to create the fog.

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  7. VamPyre Misting Concentrate

    VamPyre Misting Concentrate

    VamPyre Misting Concentrate by MGK is the newest product available for misting systems. VamPyre is formulated with a 3% Pyrethrum and 30% PBO mixture. This combination provides a great quick knockdown elimination and long-term stability in water dilutions.

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  8. Mosquito Barrier - Gallon

    Mosquito Barrier is a very strong garlic formulation to repel mosquitoes. Mosquito Barrier is a natural formula that is safe for pets and children, but chases away mosquitoes. It is a perfect choice for special events such as cookouts and weddings to keep mosquitoes away. It will also repel fleas and ticks. The garlic has a natural sulfur which repels the insects, making it uncomfortable for these insects to be in the area sprayed. There will be a noticeable odor to humans after the first hour of application, but the smell will be undetectable to humans afterwards. It will retain its odor for mosquitoes and repel them from 24 hours to a month. As with all mosquito sprays (including pyrethrins), it will dissipate with a lot of rainfall.

    One gallon will cover up to 5 acres and will not effect birds and beneficial insects such as honey bees and butterflies.

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  9. Chapin Mosquito Poly One Gallon Sprayer #2014

    Chapin's Mosquito Poly Sprayer is perfect for spraying insecticides for mosquito control. It has an unique fogging/misting nozzle that gives professional results has it provides maximum coverage of foliage for the best in mosquito control. The Mosquito Poly Sprayer also has a translucent tank for easy measuring and a poly ergo handle for fatigue-free pumping.

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  10. Bug Beater Yard and Garden-40 Oz

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