Pantry Moth Traps

Pantry Moth Traps

  • Propest Pantry Pest Traps
  • Revenge Pantry Pest Traps 
  • Safer Pantry Pest Traps
  • PT 4 Allure Moth Traps - Diamond Trap

Clothes Moth Traps

  • Alert Clothes Moth Traps
  • X Lure Clothes Moth Traps

Pheromone and Food Attractants for Stored Product Pests

  • Invite Multi Lure
  • Pantry Patrol

All of these traps use a pheromone to attrack the male insect. This would prevent the male moth or beetle from reproducing.

Try not to place too many pheromone traps out in one location. If you do, it can confuse the male moth as to which direction to go, and it will not enter any trap.

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