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How to Pick the Best Flying Insect Control Product

  1. Identify your target pest using the accompanying chart from Pest West.
  2. Some flying insects can be attacked at the sources where they breed. Drain Flies, for example, breed in scummy drains, cracks and crevices. Catching individual drain flies with sticky fly traps works, but a product such as Invade Hot Spot is required to solve the fly problem at the source.
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  1. Exocutor 80 Fly Trap

    Exocutor 80 Fly Trap uses (2) 36-watt UV bulbs for an output of 72 watts for effective fly control. The design has corner light scoops that permit the UV light to come from the corners as well as the front, back, and sides of the trap. It also has internal aluminum UV light reflectors and a triangular killing grid to effectively catch the flies in a large catch tray. It may be mounted on the wall or desk mounted.

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  2. Pantry Patrol Attractant Gel + All Beetle Trap

    The Pantry Patrol Attractant Gel + All Beetle Trap combines the All Beetle Trap and Pantry Patrol Gel Attractant to lure and trap Red Flour Beetles, Confused Flour Beetles, Indian meal Moths, Warehouse Beetles, Cigarette Beetles, Mediterranean Flour Moths and Tobacco Moths. This attractant is a multi-species pheromone trap. It will lure and capture both male and female beetles and male moths.

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  3. Gardner 5" x 22" Glue Boards  ( EL-58 and EL-59) - 24 Ctn

    Starting at: $46.50

    These replacement glue boards fit the Gardner GT-220 Aluminum trap and GT-220 Stainless Steel traps.

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  4. Flyweb Fly Light Insect Trap- 1 Fly Light Trap

    Fly Web insect light - Gardner

    Since 1928, Gardner has pioneered the manufacture of insect light traps for commercial and industrial applications. This same highly effective insect control technology is now available for bars, restaurants and homeowners, too. The Flyweb Fly Light insect light is designed for use indoors in residential and commercial areas. The Flyweb Fly Light has a compact size and direct plug-in features allowing the light to be placed in any outlet. The FlyWeb insect light uses an insect attracting lamp to lure insects to the adhesive trapping board. When the glueboard is full of insects, simply remove, discard and replace with a new adhesive trapping board.

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  5. Greenway Pantry Patrol 1 Bx ( 2 traps and 2 Lures)

    New and Improved Pantry Patrol Trap (Greenway) has five Pheromones in one lure and can lure and capture both male and female beetles. This pheromone-based trapping system utilizes powerful sex-attractant and aggregate pheromones mixed in a natural grain oil. This food attractant is designed to lure and capture a variety of beetles and moths that attack your stored food. It is completely non-toxic, child and pet safe, long-lasting and ready-to-use.

    Packaging: Each box contains 2 pitfall traps and 2 liquid pheromone lures
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  6. QuikStrike Fly Abatement Strip

    Starting at: $23.27

    Quik Strike Fly Traps are easily placed wherever flies are a nuisance, offering up to 8 weeks of consistent, effective control Quick Strike Fly Strips are compatible with IPM programs Advanced patented triple action attractant. The active ingredient, nithiazine, kills nuisance flies within seconds after feeding.

    Packaging: 2 Quik Strike Fly Abatement Strips per box
    12 boxes per case
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  7. Gardner UTC-15 Fly Lights

    Starting at: $78.50

    Gardner's UCT-15 is a fly light trap that is discreet as is mounted under bars and counters to help with fly control in restaurants and commercial establishments. This fly light trap contains 15-watt bulb and two 3” x 11” glue boards that slide in and out of the ends of the unit. This portable fly light trap can be mounted horizontally on any flat surface or vertically on a wall.

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  8. Gardner Glue Boards WS85  (10 Pack)
  9. Monterey  Pantry Moth Trap & Lure

    Monterey's Pantry Moth Trap and Lure contains a pheromone that acts as a sex attractant to capture adult male Indian meal moths, Mediterranean flour moths, Almond moths and Raisin moths. By catching the male moths on the sticky glue surface, it lowers the moth population by reducing the mating. Female pantry moths lay eggs in foodstuff or near shelving and cupboards in pantries. The adults will emerge, and the adult males will fly to seek mates and will be tricked into landing on the pheromone traps that have the same messaging pheromone chemicals as the female moths. Learn More
  10. Pantry Pest Trap  1 Box -Safer Brand

    The Pantry Pest Trap (Safer Brand) 05140

    The Pantry Pest Trap (Safer Brand) uses a powerful attractant that has a strong effect on certain moths. It has been used in commercial pest control applications to trap a variety of pantry moths. These include many different species of pantry moths; Indian Meal Moths, Seed moths, Raisin moths, Almond moths and Tobacco moths. All these pantry moths are small and narrow (3/8" to 1/2" ). They vary in color from a coppery brown to a mottled gray. These pantry pests are found world wide around dried goods and foods, including, wheat, cornmeal, dried fruits, seeds, crackers, biscuits, nuts, powdered milk, dried pet food, bird seed, chocolate, red peppers, tobacco, and cocoa beans.

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