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How to Pick the Best Flying Insect Control Product

  1. Identify your target pest using the accompanying chart from Pest West.
  2. Some flying insects can be attacked at the sources where they breed. Drain Flies, for example, breed in scummy drains, cracks and crevices. Catching individual drain flies with sticky fly traps works, but a product such as Invade Hot Spot is required to solve the fly problem at the source.
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  1. B&G Versa Backpack Fogger,45000000

    B&G Versa-Fogger is the first true ULV gasoline powered backpack fogger. It is jointly developed by B&G Equipment and Curtis Dynafog combining a mistblower and a ULV spray fogger. It has a reliable Honda 4 stroke motor, with no need to mix oil with gas. It has an all metal frame made of stainless steel and aluminum. It has an one gallon solution tank. This heavy duty versatile fogger may be used in a variety of applications from mosquito control outside to insect control in a warehouse.

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  2. Mosquito Bits 8 Oz Jar-Shaker Top

    Starting at: $13.95

    Mosquito Bits are a highly selective microbial insecticide effective against mosquitoes in a variety of habitats. When spread over the surface of containerized water the Mosquito Bits release a biological mosquito larvicide at the water's surface. Mosquito Bits (larvicide) gradually settles in the water where it is eaten by mosquito larvae growing there,killing the larvae before it becomes an adult. Learn More
  3. yellow jacket lure

    Each vial last 30 days.(For Western states) Each packet last 2-3 weeks (For Eastern states) By your ship to   address we will send the proper lure. Learn More
  4. Bug Beater Yard and Garden-40 Oz
  5. Vector Ban Misting Insecticide - 1/2 gallon

    Vector Ban Insecticide (Makes 50-100 gallons) controls listed flies, lice, fleas, mites and mosquitoes. Long-lasting for livestock and premise spray that provides knockdown, insecticidal effectiveness and excellent residual activity.
    Vector Ban Insecticide can't be shipped to AK, VT, NY or CT.

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  6. InVite Multi-Insect Lure

    InVite Multi-Insect Lure - five pheromones for various pantry beetles and moths combined in gelled food oil base.

    Target Insects:
    Beetles : Cigarette, Warehouse, Khapra, Flour, Saw-Toothed Grain, Drugstore and other beetles.
    Moths: Indian Meal, Almond, Tobacco, Mediterranean Flour, Cacao, Raisin and other Ephestia Moths

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  7. Luralite Pro Fly Light

    Out of stock

    Luralite Pro Fly Light is an attractive white glueboard fly light trap that may be mounted on the wall in front-in-the-house locations in restaurants, bars, offices or other indoor locations. This discreet fly light glue board trap comes with two 15-watt UV bulbs and is outfitted with the Glupac glue board impregnated with fly pheromones to catch flying insects.

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  8. Martin's Pystol  Misting Concentrate

    Pystol Misting Concentrate makes up to 55 gallons of solution for automatic misting systems. With its active ingredient combination of Pyrethrins, PBO and Permethrin, you get a quick contact kill and residual control for flying insects such as house flies, stable flies, horse flies, mosquitos and more.

    Martin's Pystol Misting Concentrate may be used as a fog or fine mist in automatic misting systems or handheld sprayers.

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  9. NyGuard EZ1

    Starting at: $39.60

    Nyguard EZ1 is an insect growth regulator with pyriproxyfen, that cuts the reproductive cycle of fleas, roaches, ants, and flies. Pyriproxyfen not only breaks the life cycle of these insects, but prevents re-infestation by interfering with their growth process. The active ingredient, Pyriproxyfen can be found in both NyGuard EZ1 and NyGuard IGR, but with different formulas. Both of these formulations of NyGuard are photostable in sunlight and can be used outdoors in yards to control fleas.

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  10. Vector Plasma Fly Light Trap - Grill

    Starting at: $252.95

    Vector Plasma Fly Lights come in two different models( Vector Plasma Grill and Vector Plasma Screen) and is used in many back of house areas, restaurants and commercial kitchens. With Vector Plasma Fly Light, achieve rapid fly control with this fast-acting unit. The Vector Plasma is quick, sleek, light weight and delivers 72-watts of insect attraction. The Lift & Service cover makes service and maintenance a snap.

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