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How to Pick the Best Flying Insect Control Product

  1. Identify your target pest using the accompanying chart from Pest West.
  2. Some flying insects can be attacked at the sources where they breed. Drain Flies, for example, breed in scummy drains, cracks and crevices. Catching individual drain flies with sticky fly traps works, but a product such as Invade Hot Spot is required to solve the fly problem at the source.
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  1. Carpenter Bee Trap

    Trap carpenter bees with this carpenter bee trap by Best Bee Traps. This carpenter bee trap is made of durable materials and imitates the natural nest of a carpenter bee. This carpenter bee trap is one of the best designs on the market due to its patented design. It mimics a carpenter bee nest with its angled entrance holes. It is shaped like a funnel to increase the amount of light in the wooden chamber and prevents the carpenter bees from escaping.

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  2. Invite Fruit Fly Trap

    Rockwell Lab's InVite Fruit Fly Trap is a perfect non-pesticide solution to capture fruit flies and phorid flies. The dark-eyed fruit fly is difficult to catch, but the attractant in Invite Fruit Fly Traps lures and catches them. As a bonus, this non-toxic trap can be used in food areas. Invite Fruit Fly traps have a unique two part lure system. They are pre-loaded with a powder that is activated by a liquid that is in a pouch.

    The Invite Fruit Fly Trap may be placed upside down or underside of counters, without spills.

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  3. Residential Fly Kit

    Residential Fly KitA Learn More
  4. 60 Day Universal Glue Boards-White and Black

    Starting at: $19.90

    This glue board fits a wide variety of fly traps on the market today with its perforations. It has grid lines for an insect catch count and fits to the back or bottom of insect light traps. Each board will last 60 days, unless it gets full of insects. Learn More
  5. Webbing Clothes Moth Kit

    Webbing Clothes Moth Kit contains ten flat glue traps (to be folded) with ten bullet lures that attract Webbing Clothes Moths (Tineola bisselliella). These bulleted lures will actively attract male months for a six month period.

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  6. Gardner RG-1002T Corner/Wall  Mount Electrocutor (Aluminized Steel )

    With Gardner's RG-1002T electrocutor fly light trap, you may be mount it in a corner or on a wall, allowing for versatility. Because of its rear angle design, it may fit tightly into corners. Mount this electrocutor trap 1-2 feet above the floor so the 48" length bulb shines in the most active location of the flies. For best results, hang the fly light trap away from any competing light sources, like windows.

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  7. Indian Meal Moth Pheromone Trap

    Insect Limited's Indian Meal Moth Traps( No Survivor Hanging Traps and Pheromone Bullet Lures)

    No Survivor Indian Meal Moth Pheromone Traps catch Indian Meal Moths and Mediterranean Flour Moths; both of these moths are found around pantry items. These diamond shaped traps have a very sturdy design that can be hung. If you hang the trap, hang it about five feet above the ground. Each trap comes with a pheromone bullet lure. This lure is a pheromone lure that contains a powerful female sex attractant, capturing the male moths. The female will look for food sources to lay her eggs.

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  8. Gardner GT-220 Aluminum Wall Mount

    Gardner GT-220 Aluminum Wall Mount

    The Gardner GT-220 is a wall mounted adhesive flying insect trap. It uses 40 watts of UV light with an attraction range of 1800 sq feet. This 24- hour, non-chemical trap uses one 5”x22” glueboard to catch the flying insects.

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  9. Universal Large Card Glue Boardc-GB012 (Black)

    Starting at: $32.25

    Out of stock

    Universal Large Card Glue Board-GB012 (Black) or GB013 (Yellow)

    Universal Large Card Glue Board-GB013 is a gluepac glueboard for use in Halo 30, Halo 475, FTP 40 S/S and FTP 80 S/S traps

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  10. Clothes Moth Alert Trap-Safer Brand 07270-1 Box

    Cloth Moth Alert Trap-Safer protects your clothes and furnishings from costly moth damage. The Cloth Moth Alert Trap is designed to alert you to a potential problem, and is designed to trap adult moths NOT the larvae which do the actual damage. Cloth Moth infestation require clothing to be thoroughly laundered by dry cleaning or in a washing machine. You may also freeze items a week in a standard freezer. Rugs and furniture should be steamed-cleaned.

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