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Harmonix Insect Spray (Discontinued)

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Harmonix Insect Spray (Discontinued)
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Harmonix Insect Spray is a non-synthetic, botanical insecticide. *Compared to other botanical spray insecticides, this innovative low-impact insecticide has a longer effective residual. It delivers a quick knockdown, lasting 28 days or longer on over 60 insect pests.

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Harmonix Insect Spray

Since Harmonix has been discontinued, we recommend Essentria IC3 as a alternative.

Harmonix Insect Spray is a non-synthetic, botanical insecticide with pyrethrin. *Compared to other botanical spray insecticides, this innovative low-impact insecticide has a longer effective residual. Not only does Harmonix deliver a quick knockdown, it lasts 28 days or longer. It kills over 60 insect pests.

Botanical Ingredients - Pyrethrum

Harmonix Insect Spray is made from pyrethrum, a botanical insecticide derived from the chrysantheum flower . Most pyrethrin insecticides do not have a residual, just a quick knockdown for immediate results. However, Harmonix not only has the quick results from pyrethrins, but a 28 day or more residual; making it innovative and effective.

*harmonix insect spray
Method : Effective control defined as >95 % mortality after 24 exposure to treated, non-porous surface aged in indoor enviroments. Data presented are an average across multiple pest species : German cockroach, house cricket, carpenter ants, argentine ants, odorous House Ants, house flies, mosquitoes.

Harmonix and Sensitive Environments

There are synergists inside Harmonix, making it a perfect formulation for sensitive locations.

  • School IPM programs
  • L.E.E.D. facilties
  • Health care facilities
Additional Information

Additional Information

Pro Tips Not Available
Packaging 8 oz
Manufacturer Bayer
Product Label Product Label
More PDF's No
Target Pest

Spiders, bed bugs, fleas, ticks, carpenter bees, cockroaches, flies, hornets, pantry pests, flies, beetles, silverfish, wasps; Harmonix Insect Spray treats more than 60 pests

See label for details.

Active Ingredient (s) Pyrethrins , a botanical insecticide - 6.0%
For Use : Indoors, treat where pests have been seen or found, or can find shelter. Look for areas where pests normally hide or feed. Suggested treatment areas are corners, baseboards, under and behind refrigerators, around water pipes, behind cabinets, under sinks and behind stoves. Outdoors, treat around the perimeter as a general surface spray. May be sprayed as a perimeter treatment, spot treatment or crack and crevice treatment. For non-agricultural use, may be applied to walls, door frames, etc. May treat adjacent to structure in a band up to 10 feet ride. See label for restriction for agricultural use.
Yield N/A
Mixture|Application Mix 0.65 oz to 5.2 oz per gallon of water

Harmonix Insect Spray can be sprayed indoors and outdoors. Treat Harmonix where insects have been spotted, found or hiding and sheltering places. Harmonix Insect Spray is also labeled for broadcast or spot treatments to floors, floor coverings, carpets or rugs for flea and tick control, in addition to the knockdown and control of bed bugs, carpenter bees, cockroaches, flies, hornets, pantry pets, spiders and wasps.

Retreatment Treatments may be applied at 7-day intervals.
Shipping Restrictions No
More Instructions No

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Good product
I am careful about the pesticide products I use around my family and animals. This is one of the products that I have researched and deemed acceptable for control at our place. I have used DoItYourselfPestControl.com for years and have always been happy with the product and customer service.
Review by Spinuzzi / (Posted on 8/24/2015)
Good Product
I'm a house mom for a transitional house for women. Some of them bring unwanted guest with them and we have tried many products without results. I'm happy to say we have had great success with this product. Thanks.
Review by House Mom / (Posted on 3/30/2015)

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