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InTice Smart Ant Gel (Discontinued)

InTice Smart Ant Gel (Discontinued)
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InTice Smart ant gel is a blend of four carbohydrate sources ants love. InTice won't drip or run and stays moist longer than other gel baits. Ants can continue to feed even as it does dry.

1.5 oz. syringe


InTice Smart Ant Gel - 1.5 oz syringe

New InTice Smart ant gel is now available from Rockwell Labs Ltd. Many remember the "OutSmart(TM)" product that was so popular a few years ago. Based on several years of research and some 200 formulas, new InTice(TM) Smart ant gel replicates the properties that made OutSmart so popular.

InTice is a blend of four carbohydrate sources ants love. InTice won't drip or run and stays moist longer than other gel baits. Ants can continue to feed even as it does dry.

Active ingredient: Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate 5.0%, other ingredients: 95.0%

Ants (Including acrobat, Allegeheny, Argentine, bigheaded, cornfield, crazy, Ghost, little black, Odorous House, Pavement, pyramid, whitefooted, thief, and honey). (EXCEPTIONS: Pharoah Ants, Carpenter Ants, Fire Ants, and harvester ants)
For use in and around:
commercial and residential buildings, including apartments, garages, food storage areas, homes, hospitals, and nursing homes, hotels, motels, office buildings, restaurants, and other food-handling establishments, schools, supermarkets, transportation equipment (buses, boats, ships, trains, planes), utilities, and warehouses

Additional Information

Additional Information

Pro Tips No
Packaging 1.5 oz syringe
Manufacturer Rockwell Labs, ISAG012, UPC: 837654797037
Product Label Label
More PDF's No
Target Pest N/A
Active Ingredient (s) Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate 5.0%, other ingredients: 95.0%
For Use : N/A
Yield N/A
Mixture|Application N/A
Application No
Retreatment No
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Customer Reviews 5 item(s)

This product did not work. The ants loved it; they ate it for about 5 days. I had to call pest control. Ants were gone in 2 hours.
Review by Carol / (Posted on 7/23/2017)
Great product for argentine ants.
I finally got around to trying this for argentine ants... first on an ant trail in my kitchen, then bathroom. I never had an over the counter ant product work at all, so I had my fingers crossed.
After placing a few drops on a thick piece of paper and placing it next to the trail in the kitchen, the ants quickly took to it. In an hour all the periphery of the drops were lined with ants feeding off of it. The next morning, the number of ants feeding fell to just a few with no ants on the counter.
The next day I tried it on a different ant trail in my bathroom with the same effect; except here, all the bait was gone the next morning with a few lingering ants. I added more bait to the paper and the feeding population increased once again but died to a trickle near the end of the 2nd day.
To see InTice at work is just amazing. I hope the nest associated with each trail is toast.
The applicator is easy to use with no mess.
Review by Rich / (Posted on 6/29/2016)
Really Works Well
Used it several times and really does the trick to get rid of ants. Highly recommended.
Review by lac / (Posted on 12/18/2015)
Good Stuff
I had to call an exterminator last year for ants. I saw that he used In Tice Smart Ant gel, he could not spray anything because I had inside pets,
It worked pretty well. So I did a web search and found this on here. I ordered it this year because I knew I would have ants as soon as it warmed up and did not want to pay the exterminator again.
So as soon as I started seeing the ants I put some this down, within two days they were gone.
Review by Terri / (Posted on 5/22/2015)
worked pretty well
I had a sugar ant problem in my car. Put out one application and 3 days later I was still seeing ants -- put out a second heavier application and my car seems to be ant free. So while it doesn't have the quick knock down I was expecting it does do a thurogh job in killing the entire colony ( killed a serious infestation in about a week for me) which the baits I picked up locally didn't touch

good product
Review by Dave / (Posted on 10/16/2014)

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