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Invade Bio/Mop Cleaner contains microbes and citrus oil for hard surface cleaning and mopping. The microbes inside Invade Bio Cleaner will get into the cracks and crevices in floor tiles, baseboards and drains to eliminate odors and organic buildup.

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InVade Bio Cleaner - (Gallon and 5 Gallon Pail)

Normal mopping pushes small particles of food and other organic matter into cracks, crevices, and voids where it may build up and eventually cause a problem. If you use Invade Bio Cleaner as a mopping solution, you are placing the microbes where they need to be, eating up the hidden scum. Cleaning up organic debris contributes to improved sanitation. Good sanitation methods are part of an integrated pest management program.

Top Features

  • Safe to Use-(Green Cleaner)-use in areas of chronic moisture and organic matter
  • Mode of Action- Powerful Probiotics digest organic matter
  • Versatile Applications-Manual spayers, power sprayers, hose-end sprayers, foamers or mop applications
  • Application Sites-Commercial kitchens, dumpster pads, outdoor dining ares, restrooms, public showers, kennels, collection pits, droppings and general organic waste treatment. Will not harm septic systems or municipal water treatment operations

Application of Invade Bio Cleaner

  • For mopping, apply 4 oz. to a standard bucket (about 3 gallons) of warm (not scalding hot) mop water. No other cleaners are needed. Invade Mop Clean is a no rinse formula. After mopping, pour remaining mop water in drains.
  • As a manual spay, it may be diluted with water (8 oz to a gallon) and sprayed on bathroom surfaces such as urinals and cracks and crevices to clean any organic matter.
  • For best results, use at least three times a week. For other greasy, scummy areas, and smelly areas such as urinals, use 50% diluted InVade Bio Cleaner in a spray bottle and spray areas until moist.
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InVade Bio Cleaner may also be used in power sprayer systems. Do not rinse treated areas or use bleach, caustic cleansers or disinfectants in mop or spray water.

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Active Ingredient (s) microbes
For Use : Invade Bio Cleaner is ideal for commercial kitchens, dumpsters, pads and outdoor dining areas.
Yield 1 Gallon of Invade Bio Cleaner yields 32 Applications
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