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How to get rid of Dandelions

Dandelions are one of the most recognized weeds in the world. Everyone at some point has dealt with dandelions, whether that was blowing the seeds away or looking down in frustration because it has become an eyesore that you just can't get rid of. Here are some quick identifying features and treatment options for dandelions.


  • cool season perennial 
  • bright yellow flowers produced in early spring
  • yellow flowers are replaced by white seedheads around the size of golf balls
  • lobed leaves
  • dormant in summer




  • spot treatment is recommended
  • only treat the target areas
  • only spray vegetation that you want to eliminate
  • look for products that contain dicamba, 2, 4-D or any 3-way product
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  1. Solitare Herbicide

    Solitare Herbicide is a powerful selective post-emergent herbicide which controls broadleaf weeds, annual grasses, and sedges. It is labeled for control and suppression of over 60 weed varieties in both cool season and warm season grasses

    Solitare Herbicide reduces the capability of weed reproduction for the current season. It also decreases weed populations in the seasons that follow by impacting the viability of the seeds. All of this is accomplished while providing an excellent margin of safety for desirable turfgrasses.

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  2. T-Zone SE- Gal

    Starting at: $41.45

    T Zone SE combines the active ingredients Triclopyr, Sulfentrazone, 2, 4-D and Dicamba acid for a broadleaf herbicide to kill tough weeds. T-Zone SE provides an effective cool-weather formulation in a quick knock-down product. TZone SE kills wild violet, ground ivy, oxalis, clover, and the toughest broadleaf weeds in turf, and provides suppression of young and actively growing yellow nutsedge.

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