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How to Get Rid of Oxalis



  • Oxalis articulate
  • Common name: Yellow Woodsorrel
  • Perennial weed
  • Forms yellow flowers May through September
  • Clover like leaves that are often confused with black medic or clovers
  • Leaves are composed of 3 leaflets that have a more heart-shaped look than black medic or clover
  • Alternating leaves that extend from base
  • Green to purple stems




  • Spot treat trouble areas
  • Only apply to targeted weeds
  • Look for active ingredients such as glyphosate
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  1. Triclopyr 3 Herbicide

    Starting at: $159.95

    Triclopyr 3 with 44.4 % Triclopyr can be compared to Garlon 3A (same active ingredient and percentage). Triclopyr 3 is a broad-spectrum woody, brush, and perennial broad leaf control specialty herbicide. Apply Triclopyr 3 on industrial non-crop areas, around farm buildings, forest sites, Christmas tree plantations, as well as right-of-ways and roadsides. It may also be used in aquatic sites which have little or no continuous outflow (see label).

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  2. Brushmaster Herbicide- Qt

    Starting at: $32.50

    Brushmaster Herbicide as a post-emergent herbicide controls the toughest brush such as brambles, multiflora rose, kudzu, poison ivy, poison oak, and many other listed trees, vines and broadleaf weeds. Brushmaster is an ester Trimec formulation that can be sprayed almost any season of the year with its flexible label. Many uses include roadside ditches, fencerows, shoulders, farmstead buildings and other non-crop areas. Brushmaster is a low-volatile formulation that penetrates the unwanted vegetation and kills the roots. It is tough on broadleaf weeds and brush. It will not strip treated areas of erosion protection such as chemical sterilants and is economical to use.

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  3. Trimec Southern -2.5 Gallon

    Starting at: $37.75

    Trimec Southern combines three active ingredients, MCPP, 2,4-D and Dicamba for an effective broadleaf herbicide for southern grasses. The formulation in Trimec Southern minimizes the risk associated with southern turfgrass. It controls over 90 different broadleaf weeds, including clover, dandelion, and spurge. It is exceptional on clover and chickweed.

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