Virginia Buttonweed

How to Get Rid of  Virginia Buttonweed



  • Diodia virginiana
  • deep-rooted perennial weed
  • prefers moist areas
  • common to southern states
  • low growing
  • slightly thick leaves
  • leaves are green on top and light green underneath
  • flowers are white and have four star-shaped petals




  • difficult to control and multiply applications are necessary
  • apply during active growth as well as flowering
  • apply immediately after flowering starts to avoid the spread of seeds
  • looks for products contain Sulfonylurea, dicamba, 2,4-D, MCCP, triclopyr, clopyrid and metsulfuron methyl
  • Make sure to properly identify your grass to make sure that the herbicide is safe for your lawn.  Choose your grass below to filter for products that are safe for your lawn:


  • target only problem areas
  • these types of herbicides will kill any vegetation it touches so use caution
  • look for herbicides that contain chemicals such as glyphosate
  • click here to see our recommended products




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