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Grassy Weed Control

Grassy Weed Control

Grassy weed control can be very difficult and require a lot of attention and preventative steps. It is important to distinguish these from broadleaf weeds.  Here are some characteristics that separate grassy weeds from broadleaf weeds:

  • long, narrow leaves
  • parallel running veins (do not form a net-like pattern)
  • no colorful or extravagant flowers
  • similar leaf shapes among species
  • seed heads tend to be more spiked and can help differentiate between species.

The first step, however, is identifying the type of grassy weed you have and then understanding how to treat and prevent it. There are 3 major types of grassy weeds: winter annual weeds, summer annual weeds, and perennial weeds.

  • Winter Annual Weeds
  • Summer Annual Weeds
  • Perennial Weeds.

Grassy Winter Annual Weeds


  • These weeds germinate in late summer and early fall.
  • They can survive through the winter and will aggressively grow in the spring and die off by late spring/early fall
  • Click here to see examples of some winter annual weeds

Examples Annual Bluegrass (Poa Annua)


  • The most effective treatment of winter annual weeds prevention by using pre-emergent herbicides.  You want to apply this in late summer/early fall to prevent them from germinating.  Mulitple applications may be necessary because winter annual seeds can survive years without germinating.
  • Click here to for pre-emergent herbicides


Grassy Summer Annual Weeds


  • Germination begins early to mid-spring depending on your location.  These grassy weeds will flower throughout the summer into the early fall where they are killed off on with the first frost.
  • Produce seed in mid to late summer

Examples: Crabgrass, Goosegrass


  • The most effective treatment for summer annual weeds is the same for winter annual weeds: prevention.
  • Apply pre-emergents in early to mid spring.  A good indication to when to apply is when the temperature is 50-60 degrees for about 1-2 weeks


Grassy Perennial Weeds


  • Season-long life cycles.  The cycles will vary from species to species so it is very important to properly identify before treatment.
  • Vigorous, invasive growth habits.
  • Could be a desired grass in an undesired around such as unwanted bermudagrass in your zoysia lawn

Examples: Dallisgrass, Quackgrass, and Bermuda grass




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  1. Specticle FLO -18 oz

    Specticle FLO with indaziflam, is a pre-emergent, selective and broad-spectrum herbicide that provides residual control of troublesome weeds such as crabgrass, annual sedge, poa annua and goosegrass. It also controls annual sedges and broadleaf weeds in turf, ornamentals (residential), hedgerows, hardscapes, Christmas trees, and conifers.

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  2. Dismiss Herbicide

    Starting at: $71.50

    Dismiss Herbicide, by FMC is a selective, post-emergent herbicide. It has shown to work faster than Certainty, Sedgehammer or Monument. Dismiss Herbicide is one of the best herbicides for sedge weed control in residential and commercial turf. Troublesome sedges such as green kylinga and yellow nutsedge are knocked out with visible results from one to two days. It not only attacks the surface of the weeds but better yet, gets into the soil to penetrate the sedge tubers. This penetrating soil action helps to prevent additional outbreaks of sedges. It is also labeled for the control or suppression on over 45 broadleaf weeds and grasses.

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  3. Bonide Sedge Ender # 069

    Bonide's Sedge Ender Concentrate kills yellow nutsedge, crabgrass, foxtail weeds, and other listed grassy weeds. Sedge Ender provides pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control, killing the toughest weeds, down to the root. Sedge Ender may be used on warm season and coool season grasses and is excellent in cool weathers. Sedge Ender is a selective pre emergence and post-emergence herbicide.

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  4. Katana Herbicide

    Katana Turf Herbicide is a selective herbicide that controls a broad range of broadleaf weeds in zoysiagrass, buffalo grasses, bermudagrass, centipedegrass, seashore paspalum and other warm-season turfgrass. It is noted for its removal of overseeded cool-season grasses as well as control of perennial and annual grasses and sedges.

    It excels in the removal of Poa annua, clumpy ryegrass, ryegrass, tall fescue, and annual ryegrass in warm season turf. Katana's label covers the control of 55 sedges, grassy, and broadleaf weeds. With such a broad spectrum of control, it is an excellent option for golf and commercial landscape maintenance in warm-season turf.

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  5. Sedgehammer Plus

    Starting at: $13.50

    Sedgehammer Plus comes in convenient packs to mix with water as a post-emergent, selective herbicide to control sedges such as yellow and purple sedges, Kyllinga species and some broad leaf weeds.  Sedgehammer Plus also contains a dry, non-ionic surfactant to increase efficiency for the best results.

    Sedgehammer Plus may be used on both cool-season and warm season turf grasses such as Bluegrass, St. Augustine, Fescue (find and tall), Bermudagrass, Centipede, Perennial Ryegrass and more.

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  6. Dismiss South

    Dismiss South Herbicide excels in the control of purple nutsedge, as well as the yellow nutsedge, green kyllinga and other sedges, annual grasses and broad-leaf weeds. The Dismiss South formulation is for warm season turf where purple nutsedge is a problem. As a post-emergent, selective herbicide, it combines two active ingredients, Sulfentrazone - 33.33%, Imazethapyr - 6.67%. It may be applied in established turf areas including commercial, residential, athletic fields, institutional lawns, golf course roughs and fairways, and commercial sod farms

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  7. Solitare Herbicide

    Solitare Herbicide is a powerful selective post-emergent herbicide which controls broadleaf weeds, annual grasses, and sedges. It is labeled for control and suppression of over 60 weed varieties in both cool season and warm season grasses

    Solitare Herbicide reduces the capability of weed reproduction for the current season. It also decreases weed populations in the seasons that follow by impacting the viability of the seeds. All of this is accomplished while providing an excellent margin of safety for desirable turfgrasses.

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  8. Certainty Herbicide

    Certainty Turf Herbicide is a selective herbicide for control of annual and perennial grass and broadleaf weeds in highly managed turf, ornamental and native grass sites. Certainty Turf Herbicide with 75.0% Sulfosulfuron, controls tough weeds in residential and commercial turf. Look to kill with certainty in warm season turf, sedges (both yellow and purple), Kyllinga and other undesirable grasses and broadleaf weeds.

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  9. Hi-Yield Weed and Grass Stopper -12 lbs #33030

    Starting at: $24.95

    Hi-Yield Weed and Grass Stopper (contains Dimension Herbicide) Learn More

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