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Pre-Emergent Herbicides

Pre-emergent Herbicides

Pre-emergent Herbicides are the best way to reduce and eliminate weeds in your lawn. Pre-emergent Herbicides work by preventing weed seed germination. They create a layer that kills the weeds as they try to push past the top layer of soil.

The key to using pre-emergent herbicides is proper timing.  There are two times of the year to apply your pre-emergent herbicides, the spring and the fall.   When to apply these during that time period depends on your geographic location, you can contact your local county extension for the best times to apply.   Most spring and summer weeds will germinate when the soil temperature at 4 inches down reaches about 52 to 55 degrees F for three or four consecutive days.

Some popular weeds that can be effectively controlled by pre-emergents include but are not limited to:

Spring Application

Early Spring Application:  Many of the pre-emergent herbicides have similar qualities and control the same broad and grassy weeds.  When applied at the correct time they are very effective and we recommend our top products such as these:

Other products include:

Late Spring Application:  If you are applying pre-emergent later in the season, the best option would be to use pre-emergents that have post emergent qualities to control the seeds that have already germinated and have already sprouted.  Our top products include:

Other products include:

Spring Application Chart

Pre-emergent herbicide spring application map

 *temperatures vary year to year so optimal application could vary from these dates


Fall Application

Early Fall Application:  When applying pre-emergents in late summer and early fall we would recommend using the same products as Late Spring Application.  This way you can control the already existing weeds and prevent any further growth. 

Mid to Late Fall Application:  When applying pre-emergents in this part of the year we would recommend using the same products as Early Spring Application.  

An Interactive Soil Temperature Map by Syngenta is a handy tool.

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  1. Esplanade 200 SC

    Esplanade 200 SC is a pre-emergent herbicide with Indaziflam 19.05%. It has a low use rate and long residual (up to 8 months) on more than 75 weed species. It has a superior broad-spectrum control for more than 75 types of weeds. Esplanade 200 SC by Bayer was developed for the Vegetation Management Market finding uses on non-residential sites such as industrial sites, roadsides, utility rights of way, and railroads. Esplanade 200 SC may be used as a bare ground herbicide.

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  2. Southern Broadleaf Lawn Kit

    This complete lawn starter kit will cover pre-emergent, post-emergent, and spot applications for a year long package for warm-season turf. It also includes Herbicide Helper to improve the wetting of the foliage.

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  3. Biathlon Herbicide

    Biathlon Herbicide jis a pre-emergent granular herbicide that combines both oxfluorfen and prodiamine to control a broad spectrum of weed control with good plant tolerance on ornamentals. Biathlon is formulated on Verge granulars that reduce the dust levels during application, resulting in increased worker safety and ease of application. It is labeled for use on production conifers, grounds maintenance, conifers and Christmas trees, and other listed non-crop areas.

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  4. Southern Ag Atrazine

    Starting at: $15.75

    Southern Ag Atrazine with 4.0% atrazine controls many broadleaf weeds (emerged and from seeds) in St. Augustine and Centipede grass. It controls Florida Betony, Spurweed, Annual Bluegrass and many other problematic weeds. It also suppresses crabgrass. Learn More
  5. Specticle FLO -18 oz

    Specticle FLO with indaziflam, is a pre-emergent, selective and broad-spectrum herbicide that provides residual control of troublesome weeds such as crabgrass, annual sedge, poa annua and goosegrass. It also controls annual sedges and broadleaf weeds in turf, ornamentals (residential), hedgerows, hardscapes, Christmas trees, and conifers.

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  6. Alligare Diuron 80DF

    Starting at: $41.50

    Alligare's Diuron 80DF is a dry flowable herbicide with 80.0 % Diuron as its active ingredient. It controls many annual and perennial grasses as well as herbaceous weeds. It is labeled for selective weeds in certain crops and non-selective weed control on non-cropland areas.

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  7. Spike 20P 5LB

    Spike 20P with tebuthiuron 20 % is a specialty herbicide to control tough woody plants (trees, shrubs, and vines) . It controls creosate bush, big sage, shinnery and other oaks. This long-lasting herbicide is ideal for sagebrush thinning and brush sculpting programs. It improves wildlife and grazing habitats. It is activated in the soil and becomes effective after enough rainfall has moved the active ingredient into the root zone.

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  8. Oxadiazon SC

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    Oxadiazon SC 2.5 Gal with Oxadiazon 34.4% can be compared to Ronstar FLO Herbicide with Oxadizon 34.1%. It has 3.17 pounds of oxadiazon per gallon in a suspension concentration formulation.

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  9. Ecomazapyr 2SL

    Starting at: $59.95

    Allligare's Ecomazapyr 2SL with Imazapyr 27.8% can be compared to BASF's Arsenal 2 lb formula. It provides preemergent and post emergent control with residual action on listed weeds. Ecomazapyre 2 SL is labeled to control undesirable vegetation in grass pasture and undesirable emergent and floating aquatic vegetation; perfect for transitional areas between aquatic and terrestrial sites. It may also be applied as basal bark and stem procedures in noncropland areas.

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  10. Tebuthiuron 20P Herbicide

    Starting at: $46.00

    Alligare's Tebuthiuron 20P Herbicide, with 20.0% Tebuthiuron compares to Dow's Spike. This water dispersible granule, pelleted formulation that is for both pre-emergent and post-emergent control of many woody plants (vines, shrubs, trees), brush and weeds on pastureland and range, including fence rows, permanent grass pastures, and clearings for wildlife habitat. Tebuthiuron 20 P gives excellent long-term control of creosotebrush, sagebrush, kutzu, boxwood and more tough to control brush and weeds. Tebuthiuron 20P is also excellent for thinning or brush sculpting programs where precise control is needed.

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