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How to Select Plant Control Products

Herbicides (Weed Killers) and Plant Control:

Before purchasing plant control products, consider the type of vegetation you are targeting. Also consider if the weed has already emerged or if you can prevent it with a pre-emergent herbicide. In areas with desirable grass and flowering plants, selective herbicides are advised.

For more information and recommendations for your region consult your local extension office.

How to Select Lawn & Garden Pest Control Products

Lawn Insect Control:

There are a variety of products available for lawn insect control. Some products target a wide variety of insects, while others are tailored to specific pests.

Specific Insects: For targeting a specific pest, refer to our crawling insect and flying insect categories for the best recommendations.

Broad Spectrum Insect Control: Bifen LP and Imidacloprid .5G granules are highly effective against a broad spectrum of crawling insects in the yard. Bifen LP is also labeled for fire ant prevention. Bifen IT spray (different than Bifen LP granules) is one of the most popular yard insect control products, because it targets a wide variety of insects. If using a spray, we recommend avoiding the flower parts of plants to protect beneficial pollinating insects.

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  1. Monterey Nutrient Solutions
  2. Monterey Plant Stack 5-0-1

    Monterey Plant Stack 5-0-1 is a foliar nutrient solution for foliar applications. It promotes robust growth and shoot growth in horticultural and ornamental crops.

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  3. Monterey Seaweed Plus 1-2-2

    Monterey Seaweed Plus 1-2-2 enhances microbe action as it prevents and corrects deficiencies in foliar applications.

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  4. Monterey Manni-Plex Micro 2-0-0

    Manni-Plex Micro 2-0-0 is a foliar micronutrient solution for prevention and correction of micronutrient deficiency. Use Manni-Plex as part of a balanced fertilizer program on vegetables, ornamentals, vines and greenhouse crops.

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  5. Monterey Soluble Silicate 0-0-8

    Monterey Soluble Silicate 0-0-8 is a nutrient solution with a source of silicon and potassium. Learn More
  6. Monterey Humic Acid 12

    Monterey Humic Acid 12 with a potassium humate extract supplies organic matter in a readily available, ready-to-use solution. Apply Monterey's Humic Acid 12 to most plants in order to enhance micronutrient uptake. It may be combined with micronutrient products or fertilizers.

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  7. Monterey Manni-Plex Cal-Mag 7-0-0

    Manni-Plex Cal-Mag 7-0-0 is a foliar nutrient solution as part of a balanced fertilizer program. Apply Manni-Plex Cal-Mag 7-0-0 during early growth for stronger plants. It prevents and corrects calcium and magnesium deficiencies on row, vegetable, fruit, tree, vine, greenhouse crops, ornamental crops and turf/lawns.

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