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Mini T Rex Mouse Snap Traps - 12 traps + Provoke Mouse Attractant

Mini T Rex Mouse Snap Traps - 12 traps + Provoke Mouse Attractant

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Mini T Rex Snap Trap is a spring-loaded trap that is not only very strong but easy to use. Mini T Rex Snap Trap is much safer than the standard spring loaded snap traps . Provoke Mouse Attractant is a food-based matrix targeted specifically to the feeding preferences of mice.


 12 Mini T Rex Snap Traps and  1- 2 oz. Provoke Mouse Attractant

Prop65 California Proposition 65 WARNING



Mini T Rex Mouse Snap Traps - 12 traps + Provoke Mouse Attractant

Developed by Bell scientists, proven in formulating rodenticides with the highest bait acceptance, Provoke Mouse Attractant is the first and only attractant formulated specifically for mice. It is a food-based matrix targeted specifically to the feeding preferences of mice.

In a recent field study where several cases of mouse traps were placed - half with Provoke Mouse Attractant and half with peanut butter-- 29 mice were caught within the first hour by traps using Provoke, while only 3 mice were caught by the peanut butter traps

Simply place a small amount of Provoke Mouse Attractant on the your snap trap or mouse multi-catch trap or glue board.

Click Here to see Provoke Mouse Attractant/Mini T Rex Mouse Traps Video by Bell Labs

This non-toxic and hypo-allergenic attractant works well in schools, food production plants and other accounts where attractants, such as peanut butter, are prohibited.

The Provoke Mouse Attractant is a gel form and works very well in the Trapper Mouse Snap Trap
Mini T Rex Mouse Trap.

Besides greater killing power, the Mini T Rex Snap Trap also features an integrated bait cup that holds either bait or attractants, such as Provoke Mouse Attractant .Completely re-engineered with increased power, Mini T Rex Snap Mouse Trap eliminates false triggers, whether used alone or placed in a bait station. The Mini T Rex's patented interlocking teeth capture and hold mice entering from either the front or side of the trap. With Mini T Rex's no touch disposal, getting rid of the captured mouse is clean and sanitary. And, the sturdy plastic trap is ready to use again and again.

Provoke Mouse Attractant is a bait to lure the mice into a trap. The scent in Provoke's mouse attractant is just irresistible to mice all around. Placing a little bit of the attractant on an unset trap first and letting the mice get a taste is a good idea as well. Simply squeeze a little bit into your favorite trap and you will be happy with the results to come.

Provoke Mouse Attractant can be used with any type of mechanical trap - plastic, wood, live catch, etc.

May be used on glue boards glue boards and multiple mouse traps multiple mouse traps.
Usage is so simple: just remove top and apply a small amount of Provoke onto appropriate area of trap.

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Customer Reviews 9 item(s)

Works like a charm!
Works like a charm!
Review by Sadie / (Posted on 11/12/2019)
You can invent a better mouse trap.
Awesome reusable traps if you’re not grossed out by removing mice and washing the traps. Not as scary to handle as the wooden and metal throw away traps.
Review by NYB / (Posted on 7/2/2018)
Good purchase
Good price and a better product than at the orange store.
Review by Gary / (Posted on 12/20/2017)
They say that if you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door. Well, world, here it is!: A BETTER MOUSETRAP. Easy to deploy, easy to bait, easy to clean after use.
Review by tb / (Posted on 4/30/2017)
These work well
I ordered this along with other items, in order to give my husband some options. I like these traps. I was not able to see/hear them in action, but they catch and it is obvious that they grip. I like that they are inexpensive enough to throw or can be reused if desired. My husband likes the attractant so I will be ordering more.
Review by Ann / (Posted on 1/4/2017)
Easy to use
I am always afraid that if I trap a mouse that it either won't be dead or I'll have to touch it. These traps make it easy to avoid both situations. The spring is strong enough to snap their neck and you can pick them up from the opposite end without ever coming into contact with the varmint.
Review by Tennessean / (Posted on 7/28/2016)
Excellent product
These worked great. They did the job better when the old style spring traps failed. Glad I made the purchase.
Review by Gail / (Posted on 2/2/2016)
traps and attractant
The mouse traps work great-best I've ever had. The Attractant is fine, but the peanut butter works just as well.
Review by Sal / (Posted on 12/4/2015)
Excellent Product!
I've had many kinds of traps and baits. These, by far, are easier to use and more effective than the others. The liquid Provoke works great and is easy to apply to the trap. The trap is easy to set down without it snapping. I've ordered both of these products multiple times now.
Review by Diana / (Posted on 10/9/2014)

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