Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus/Independence Net

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Accessory for the Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus trap. The drawstring on the net makes disposal and replacement of the net simple and convenient.
Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus Net

Nets that are clogged with dead mosquitoes, spiders, pollen and dust will have an adverse effect on the vacuum's ability (airflow) of your Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus trap and prevent it from working at its best.


Start each season with a new Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus Net and replace every 21 days or sooner if neccesary.  The drawstring on the net makes disposal and replacement of the net simple.  The Liberty Plus net is 50% larger than the Liberty net allowing for an increased catch rate.  This net can also be used with the Independence Trap.  Twin-pack contains 1 net per pack for a total of 2 nets.


Protect your family from mosquitoes and biting insects who may carry serious diseases - keep your Mosquito Magnet® at peak performance with regular replacement of attractants and nets along with utilizing our proprietary QuickClear cartridges.

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