Mosquito Prevention Incense Sticks

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Mosquito Repelling Sticks is a box of 10 all-natural, deet free mosquito repellent incense sticks.

Mosquito Repelling Sticks

Mosquito Repelling Sticks are incense sticks that repel mosquitoes. They contain Lemongrass oil, Lemon Peel Oil, and Rosemary oil as a pleasant combo to repel and drive mosquitoes away from your outdoor areas. This all natural mosquito repelling product is exempt from from EPA registration under FIFRA regulations.


Place these sticks in a fire resistant receptacle to burn to start repelling mosquitoes. Each one of these sticks will last 1.5-2 hours. Since mosquitoes are low to the ground, the best way to protect feet and ankles is to place these sticks low to the ground as well. For optimum protection, place sticks 10-12 feet apart.

Manufacturer: Best Bee Brothers

Helpful Tips

  • Locate sticks 10-12 feet apart around the patio for maximum protection.
  • Burn incense low to the ground to protect feet and ankles
  • Replace every 1.5-2 hours as needed
  • Store in dry conditions
More Information
Packaging There are 10 sticks per box. Each stick is about 10 inches long.
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Active Ingredient (s) Lemongrass oil: 4%, Lemon Peel Oil: 3%, Rosemary Oil: 3%, Inert Ingredients: 90% wood powder
For Use :

Safety Information

  • Use fire resistant receptacles (to catch burned cinders)
  • Keep away from children and pets
  • Do not place near eyes
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