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  1. #1079 Havahart  Raccoon Trap

    Contents: Havahart 1079 trap-live animal trap 
    1079 Havahart Raccoon Trap is made in the USA. 32 x 10 x 12 inches, galvanized wire mesh, steel reinforcements. For trapping raccoons, stray cats, groundhogs (woodchucks), opossums, armadillos, and similar-size nuisance animals . Spring loaded door Learn More
  2. Havahart 1085 Easy Set Cage Style Animal Live Trap

    Havahart 1085 Easy Set  Animal Live Trap  can be set with one hand.
     The high tensile wire mesh makes the Havahart 1085 EZ Set Live Animal Trap more durable without making it heavier.
     The 1085 model is good for trapping  raccoons, cats, opossums, groundhogs, nutria and armadillos. Learn More
  3. Safeguard Trap 52830

    Out of stock

    Safeguard Trap # 52830- 30 x11x12 Rear Release Trap Learn More
  4. Tomahawk E70 - 7" x 7" x12" One Way Excluder -Opossum/ Cat / Rabbit Size

    Tomahawk E60 - 7" x 7" x12" One Way Excluder - Cat / Rabbit Size Learn More
  5. WCS TreeBerry Raccoon & Skunk Paste Bait

    Starting at: $12.50

    This sweet smelling paste bait is great for luring racoons, opossums, skunks, and armadillos to your set trap. The Treeberry Paste Bait has a proprietary blend of sweet ripened fruit with bush berries. Raccoons and Skunks love this lure ! .

    Learn More
  6. Pro-Pest Professional Lures for Skunk & Opossums

    Starting at: $9.90

    Pro-Pest Professional Lures for Skunks & Opossums with 100% food-grade materials. It has no peanuts and no pesticides, with no known allergens. It may be used in sensitive areas like nurseries, day care centers, hospitals, food processing plants, etc. The scent of Pro-Pest Skunks & Opossums lure is made of from attractants such as kosher certified fruit based items and is long lasting.

    Learn More
  7. AAC Proline Racoon Trap 30" x 11" x 11"

    The AAC Proline Raccoon Trap is a single door trap for raccoons, opossums, groundhogs, skunks and similar sized animals. It has a 1/2' grid. The trap is unbelievably strong and will withstand all the abuse catching these animals will give it. If you are tired of replacing your raccoon traps because they just don't stand up to use, consider this custom raccoon trap.

    Learn More

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