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Organic Pest Control Products

Natural, Organic, and ECO-Friendly Pest Control Products - Natural Alternatives

These are natural or organic products designed to help control pests in both residential and commercial settings.
We carry the Essentria line of products including pyrethrin, dusts, and organic production rodent bait such as Terad Blox.

Webster defines organic as "...of, relating to, or derived from living matter."  There are many situations in which having an organic product is important.  Farmers who wish to have their produce certified as organic, have a defined list of insect control products from which they cannot deviate.  Most home owners, however, just want an effective and safe product to protect their home and family.  In addition to the organic products found here we also carry many products that, while they can't technically be classified as organic, are considered low toxicity and/or "green products." Feel free to contact us for a recommendation

National Organic Program

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  1. Azera Insecticide- 32 oz

    Starting at: $56.00

    Azera Insecticide is an organic, broad spectrum insecticide that combines two active ingredients to reach hard to kill insects. The botanical derived active ingredients not only provide a quick kill but regulates insect growth. It has multiple modes of action working by controlling insect growth, contact, and ingestion. It is an OMRI listed and a certified organic product for organic production. It kills both hard-bodied and soft-bodied insects ( 200 listed insects and over 200 growing crops). Azera Insecticide can be used alone or mixed in your tank with other insecticides, wetting agents, fungicides, adjuvants foliar fertilizers or acaricides. tank mixed with most other acaricides, insecticides, adjuvants, fungicides, wetting agents, and foliar fertilizers.

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  2. ECOPCO Eco PCO DX (D-X) Dust-10 oz

    Out of stock

    Eco PCO D-X dust is an all-natural organic insecticide dust (plant botanicals) that is versatile and ready-to-use and is perfect for most environmentally friendly atmospheres. Learn More
  3. Bonide's Garden Dust - 1 lb (#932) and 4 lb (#933)

    Starting at: $12.50

    Bonide's Garden Dust is a dual use insecticide and fungicide to kill insects and diseases on vegetables, fruits and flowers. This convenient garden dust has a green tint to blend with the foliage.

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  4. JT Eaton's Boric Acid Powder

    Starting at: $29.50

    JT Eaton's Boric Acid Powder Boric Acid Dust : 5 lb and 25 lb Tub Contains: 99.0% Orthoboric Acid
    Long -term treatment boric acid dust
    May be used as a mop up solution for floors. Learn More
  5. Captain Jacks Deadbug Brew Flower and Vegetable Garden Dust- 4 lb

    Starting at: $7.50

    Captain Jacks Deadbug Brew Flower and Vegetable Garden Dust - 1.5 lbs and 4 lbs

    This ready to use garden dust has the same active ingredient, Spinosad as the popular Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew Concentrate.

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  6. Drione Dust 1 lb + Bellow Duster

    Drione Dust is a dessicant dust, non staining and odorless. Works For : 6 months(undisturbed).

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  7. Essentria D Dust

    Out of stock

    Essentria D Dust Insecticide contains natural essential plant oils and is exempt from EPA registration. This dust is ideal in organic programs and sensitive locations. Not only is Essentria D Dust Insecticide safe, but it is effective against such insects as ants, cockroaches, spiders, and other indoor pests.

    Essentria D dust provides quick control and residual control.

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  8. evergreen dust

    The active ingredient in EverGreen Pyrethrum Dust (formally-Pyganic Dust ) is Pyrethrin 1%. EverGreen Pyrethrum Dust has a rapid knockdown and is classifed as a botanical insecticide.This fine white dust has a low odor and controls a wide range of insects including bed bugs, bees, wasps,ants, roaches, spiders, centipedes and more. Learn More
  9. Mop Up Insecticide - 5 lb container

    Out of stock

    Mop Up Insecticide turns one gallon of mop water into a powerful boric acid insecticide, using any left over grease or crumbs as a bait. Add 1 cup of Mop Up Insecticide powder to each gallon of rinse water.
    MOP UP has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

    As an alternative use JT Eaton's Boric Acid Dust which may also be mixed with water , using it as a rinse solution. Packaging: 5 lb container
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