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Orthene PCO Pellets Insecticide contains : 10 - 1/4 ounce packets. Orthene PCO  Pellets are uniquely designed to target and exert control over even the most stubborn household pests that tend to be resistant to other products, like the German Cockroach
Active Ingredient: Acephate 97.4 %

Packaging: Box(contains 10 packets)

Orthene PCO Acephate

Orthene PCO Pellets are uniquely designed to target and exert control over even the most stubborn household pests that tend to be resistant to other products, like the German Cockroach. Orthene PCO Pellets has broad-spectrum control of many structural, pantry and perimeter pests

  • The unique 97% formulation of Orthene PCO Pellets means there's less dust and lower odor. Orthene PCO Pellets mixes easily with water and can be used as a crack and crevice spray or for perimeter and spot treatments.
  • Application flexibility for restaurants and other structures - use as a low-volume crack and crevice spray, or as a perimeter or spot treatment
  • This insecticide works equally well on stainless steel, tile, glass and porcelain, and it leaves no telltale film.

Top Features

  • Orthene PCO Pellets is an insecticide concentrate in water soluble powder form.
  • Immediate results - works as soon as the pest ingests
  • This insecticide is a very popular product for those who own or operate restaurants.
  • Orthene PCO Pellets is labeled for use in restaurants (and other commercial food areas).
  • It is very powerful against German Roach populations that are resistant to synthetic pyrethroid insecticides.
  • Power that is not degraded by sunlight
  • Should not be used on carpet or upholstery.


The German cockroach is the most pesticide-resistant structural pest, next to the housefly .
Field use and research alike continue to demonstrate that acephate (the active ingredient in Orthene) remains one of the few insecticides to which the German cockroach remains largely susceptible.
Extensive research on insecticide resistance in German cockroaches shows that 51 strains demonstrated resistance to chlorpyrifos -- while only four strains demonstrated resistance to acephate (Orthene).*

Applications: Mix with water only. Use indoors and outdoors. Approved for Food Handling. Crack & Crevice, Spot Spray, Outdoor applications include broadcast and mound drench. Not approved for residential areas indoors.

Orthene PCO-Organophosphate

Orthene PCO is one of only two organophosphates that remain for the PMP industry. This is important because of resistance problems with synthetic pyrethroids and the need to rotate chemicals. Acephate has never been shown to have resistance. Many people will agree that Orthene PCO will control roaches when nothing else will. Orthene PCO provides quick knockdown and residual that will last 8-12 weeks.

There are a few things that make Orthene PCO unique for commercial use. Orthene PCO controls insects by contact and ingestion. This is the reason an insect cannot develop resistance to acephate. It is a soluble pellet (powder). Orthene PCO leaves no visible residue, will not tie-up with grease and dirt and remains on top of grease and dirt and therefore always present when insects crawl over the surface. Orthene PCO is totally non-repellent. Insects do not know it is there. This means it can be used with baiting programs to get rapid control of infestations.

Orthene PCO also adheres well to stainless steel surfaces. This means it resists washing off these surfaces when areas are hosed down in the evening.

Orthen is water soluble, Not Oil Soluble

In commercial kitchens and other areas that attract cockroaches, there are almost always grease or oil deposits. These deposits can soak up oil-soluble products like chlorpyrifos or pyrethroids -- and compromise their effectiveness.
But Orthene forms upright, spiked crystals -- even on grease deposits. So Orthene stays on the surface to effectively control pests -- instead of soaking in.

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Pro Tips

For tough German roach problems, such as those found in commercial kitchens, combine Orthene PCO Pellets with Tekko IGR for optimum control. Gentrol will slow down the roaches' ability to breed while the Orthene kills the existing roaches. Orthene does have a bit of a smell so we would recommend using an odor masker such as Monterey Odor Mask.

Product Label Label
Target Pest

Controls 11 insects including cockroaches, ants, fire ants and crickets.

Orthene PCO Pellets is one of the most popular ways to control ants, crickets, firebrats, earwigs, pillbugs and cockroaches - yes, even German cockroaches that are resistant to other products.

Active Ingredient (s) Acephate 97.4%
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