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Excellent method for continuous dusting in small and large areas.
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  1. Bulb Duster 4oz.

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    Bulb duster will hold up to 4 oz. of dry product. It's economical and useful to apply pesticide dusts. Learn More
  2. B&G (BG) 2 Quart Hand Duster 1152-A

    The B&G Dust-R #1152-A  hand duster is used for applying insecticide dust to cracks, crevices and other areas where targeted pests are located. B&G Dust-R duster works by pumping and can displace a lot of dust rapidly if needed. It is made for home or light commercial use. This shot gun medium duster holds 1.5 lbs of dust or granules and ideal for treating attics, crawl spaces or outdoor application. Includes a wide variety of tips and extensions and a large 3.5 inch opening for easy filling. Learn More
  3. Puffy D 12" Extension Rod

    Puffy D 12" Extension Rod Learn More
  4. J.T.Eaton Insecticidal Duster #530 Bellow  Duster

    • Bellow Bulb Hand Duster is a perfect duster for small dusting applications. This bellow duster has a spring that is compressed in order to release the dust.
    • This duster will hold between 4 oz to 8 oz of dry dust. It would depend on the dry weight of the dust.
    • Has a rod for easy cleaning.
    • Can be held upright, or inverted for better dust dispersion.
    • Fill the bellow duster half way with a dust such as CimeXa Dust, D Fense Dust, Delta Dust , Drione Dust or other dusts.
    • When you squeeze the duster, the dust will come out of the end tip.This will allow you to inject dust into places like wall voids, light switch plates, and crack and crevices or any other places insects like to hide.
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  5. B&G Dust-R Bulb Duster #1150

    B&G Bulb Dust-R M1150 by B&G equipment is a heavy duty bulb duster that hold 1 cup of dust or granules. This duster by B&G Equipment is very versatile with it's plastic extension tubes and belt-clip.
    The B&G Bulb Dust-R M1150 comes with plastic extension tubes that provide safe crack-and-crevice application around electrical outlets, and one extension can be used as a siphon tube in the bulb when applying granules. The bulb is made of natural rubber for maximum flexibility and long life along with featuring a "No Gasket" seal.

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  6. Puffy D Bulb Duster (shown with extenstion rod)

    The Puffy D Bulb Duster has a thick, pliable rubber body with a metal top and brass tip, it is manufactured for years of repeated use.

    It holds up to 14 oz of dust or fine granules. It includes a 12-inch brass extension and curved tip and a convenient plastic tunnel for filling it with a dust. Remove the extension if not needed.

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  7. B&G Mini Dust-R 1151-M

    B&G Mini Dust-R (1151-M) holds 1/2 lb. of dust, or 7 oz. of granules. The B&G Mini Dust-R comes with a large opening for easy filling and emptying. It comes with a variety of extensions and tips. The B&G Mini Dust-R hand duster is designed for dusting small areas such as wall voids,  cracks& crevices, small attics and attics. The B&G Mini Dust-R may be used to apply dust or granules for dusts such as JT Eaton's Boric Acid, Delta Dust, Pyganic Dust, Timbor, ect. The B&G Duster is simple and easy to use: simply fill the duster, shake it and push the air tube manually to dust. Learn More
  8. B & G Long Reach Dust-R 1153-G

    B & G Long Reach Dust-R 1153-G with three 14" extensions permits dusting in hard to reach areas. The extensions also provide static charge to the dust, enabling the dust/powder to stay in a place where you dusted. This type of duster is ideal for crawl spaces, attics, or any difficult to reach location such as wasps nests. It holds two quarts of dust.

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  9. BG Electic duster

    B&G's Electric Duster M2250, ideal for treating the biggest of jobs.It's the perfect tool for dusting large volumes of insecticide dust in areas such as attics, crawl spaces, and other favorite hiding places of roaches, ants, silverfish, carpenter ants, and termites.
    This B&G duster holds up to 3 pounds of dust or granules (such as Delta dust, Drione, Timbor, Boric Acid, etc), and features a large 3.5" opening for easy filling. Allows user to direct output accurately, adding a static charge to dust particles, making them adhere to surfaces better.
    The black void attachment is not included.

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  10. Versaduster Kit  with Compressor

    Starting at: $154.25

    The B&G Versaduster 110V is designed for a wide variety of treatments requiring a power duster. This duster can be used with a wide variety of dusts or granulars. Typical uses range from bed bug treatments to cockroach treatments in commercial kitchens. It can be used as a stand alone system with a portable compressor or as an attachment used with the compressors in the B&G Portable Aerosol System or of the VersaFoamer 4000 System.

    Click here for Versaduster with compressor:  B&G Versaduster 110V

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