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Foaming Equipment and Foaming Agents

B&G Foam Application Equipment

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  1. B&G Conversion Kit -11007361

    B&G Conversion Kit (Converts B&G Sprayer To Foamer) Learn More
  2. B&G Versafoamer HH - 1 gallon

    B&G VersaFoamer HH - 1 gallon
    This efficient foamer is based on a standard B&G 1 gal. tank, and it is pressurized by hand. The XR-Valve provides precision control of the foam delivery, and the 6 in. curved tip is designed for treating voids behind walls and cabinets. This system is easy to use, there are no adjustments to make during application, and it can be carried anywhere in a commercial or residential account. There is an optional plastic drain tip that can be used to apply Microfoam EF microbial cleaner to floor drains. The Versafoamer HH is designed for years of dependable service and most replacement parts are interchangeable with the standard B&G 1 Gallon Sprayer.
    Learn More
  3. VersaFoamer Attachment for PAS

    The B&G VersaFoamer Attachment for PAS -16201004 easily converts the Portable Aerosol System to a foamer using the existing case and compressor. The quick connect fittings make the job quick and easy. Learn More
  4. ULV Portable Aerosol Unit/ Versafoamer Combo Unit

    The ULV Portable Aerosol Unit/ VersaFoamer Combo Unit combines a Portable Aerosol System (PAS) with a Versafoamer 4000 to create a totally flexible pest control system. Use just one case and compressor and easily change out the tank and valve for each different application. This is the Commercial version of this combo which comes equipped with a cooling fan to reduce the heat in the case from the compressor. Keeping the unit's temperature down will extend the life of the compressor, saving money and reducing costly down time. B&G # 16500018 Learn More
  5. PC Foamer Plus

    Gardner's new PC Foamer Plus brings an industrial solution to large foaming and sprayer operations. This lightweight foamer has a hand pump grip and holds 1.3 gallons of solution. Learn More

  6. Gardner Handi-Foamer

    Gardner Handi-Foamer -50 oz Learn More
  7. Outlast Pro Foaming Agent

    Starting at: $17.95

    Outlast Pro Foaming Agent by Rockwell Labs is proprietary, broad-use surfactant that produces a thick, dense foam. It may be used to foam pest control insecticides and termiticides, as well as cleaning products. This one of a kind formulation leaves less residue because it needs less of the surfactant load compared to other foaming agents. Testing by Rockwell Labs shows that Outlast Pro adheres better to surfaces, lasts 2-3 times longer, and leaves less drainage from the liquid in the foam and competing foam agents.

    Learn More
  8. ProFoam Platinum

    Starting at: $24.90

    PROFOAM PLATINUM will make your work easier, by transporting all types of products to remote areas such as: wall voids, tunnels, ground voids, drains and other voids, which need Complete Treatment of All Vertical and Horizontal Surfaces. Learn More
  9. &G VersaFoamer 4000ST Straight Tip with Stopper

    The VersaFoamer Straight Tip is an optional tip for spray applications requiring a straight tip. Learn More
  10. Versafoamer Curved Tip

    A replacement tip for the B&G VersaFoamer HH and the VersaFoamer 4000 Learn More

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