Fogging equipment

Pest Control Fogging Equipment

Thermal Foggers

Thermal foggers use oil-based liquids such light kerosene to distribute its chemical. The fogger evaporates the kerosene on a hot surface. They produce a fine fog after exiting the nozzle. Thermal foggers are limited to outside use only and can not dispense water-based products.

Mechanical Cold Foggers

Cold Foggers uses a high-velocity fan to create turbulence in the fogging nozzle, that shears the liquid into small droplets. The fan is usually integrated with the nozzle. In most cases, nozzle plugging is not a problem, since the atomization nozzle does not have small orifices. Another advantage of a cold fogger is they have adjustable flow rates that change the droplet size and rate of discharge. Sometimes the cold fogger is noisy, as the "whoosh" sound coming out of the nozzle is similar to a vacuum cleaner.

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