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  1. 460 EXTENDA PIPE 7 16X40

    The 460 Extenda Pipe is an extension to increase the length of your termite pipe. 7/16 inches in diameter and 40 inches long, it is designed to fit all 7/16 inch 400 Series Termite Pipes from B&G Learn More
  2. B&G Versafoamer 4000CT

    The B&G VersaFoamer 4000CT includes 1-gallonon stainless steel tank and a 7 ft hose for application from the tank. It is not only a complete foam application system but has a quiet running air compressor andcomes in a secure and portable case. The lid can be closed and locked during operation. The system comes with a 8 inch curved applicator tip. The optional flexible tip for the B&G VersaFoamer 4000 can be used to apply biological cleaners deep into clogged drains. The optional Straight Tip with Stopper is available for sub-slab injection.

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  3. B&G Versafoamer HH - 1 gallon

    B&G VersaFoamer HH - 1 gallon
    This efficient foamer is based on a standard B&G 1 gal. tank, and it is pressurized by hand. The XR-Valve provides precision control of the foam delivery, and the 6 in. curved tip is designed for treating voids behind walls and cabinets. This system is easy to use, there are no adjustments to make during application, and it can be carried anywhere in a commercial or residential account. There is an optional plastic drain tip that can be used to apply Microfoam EF microbial cleaner to floor drains. The Versafoamer HH is designed for years of dependable service and most replacement parts are interchangeable with the standard B&G 1 Gallon Sprayer.
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  4. B&G 5/8 X 46 inch soil Rod for 484 Valve #22071378

    5/8 X 46 inch soil Rod for 484 Valve Learn More
  5. B&G #1312 Pipe 12 inch for 484 Valve

    #1312 Is a 12 inch Pipe for "old style" 484 Versatool Valve Learn More
  6. Chapin EZmount 25-G Deluxe Spot Sprayer # 97500

    The Chapin EZmount 25-G Deluxe Spot Sprayer # 97500 has a 12 volt Diaphragm Pump and sprays 2.2 gallons per minute, with 70 psi. This ATV/UTV/Lawn Tractor sprayer has ratchet straps to attach this sprayer. This sprayer is perfect for the big jobs requiring a lot of volume and high pressure. The poly tank is non-corrosive to most pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides

    This sprayer can be used in residential or commercial locations in farm, agricultural, home, garden, turf and landscape areas.

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  7. Sheffield Masonry Drill Bits | SDS Plus

    Starting at: $12.75

    The Sheffield Masonry Drill Bit SDS Plus features the (Slotted Drive System) The SDS Plus bits fit directly into all hammer drills with SDS, SDS Plus, and Hilti locking systems. Sheffield EVO Tips are standard on all of our bits. The small particle size that Sheffield uses in their tungsten steel makes the Evo Tip the strongest most durable on the market. The design of the tip is also a contributing factor to the tip's durability. Sheffield Masonry Drill Bits are made from the world's finest carbide and steel. Brazing techniques are used to produce the most durable and lasting bond. This bond ensures an extended drill bit life. The double flute design allows debris to flow down the flute in two paths - one from each side of the cutting head. The more debris removed, the faster the bit can drill. Learn More
  8. WTS-  Deluxe 24040001

    Starting at: $1,150.00

    These heavy-duty cart sprayers will deliver foam or liquid insecticides. In fact, they will deliver 10-15 times the volume of liquid as compared to traditional foamers and 5 times more capacity compared to typical fan sprayers. This increased volume will help the chemical penetrate deeper than typical methods. This speed up any borate treatments.These foamers can be used for pre-treatments (soil and wood) at construction sites, large crawlspaces, and for power cleaning and treating dumpsters for fly control.

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  9. Mabi 1/2" Gray Injectors (100 ctn)

    These are innovative and patented injectors for concrete and wall termite treatments. They allow high pressure injections without back flow and splashing of termite chemicals.

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  10. Super Plug  1/2 Inch

    Starting at: $12.50

    Super Plugs 1/2 Inch are useful to plug and fill holes made in concrete after a termite treatment. They also have many other uses, such as plugging holes that carpenter bees leave. You can also plug up holes such as brick, ceramic brick, stucco, and dry walls.

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