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Todol Foam Guns

Todol Foam Guns are used with PUR Black foam for sealing cracks and crevices where rodents, bats, birds, squirrels or insects may enter structures.
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  1. Pur Fill Gun Cleaner (500ml)

    Pur Clean is a convenient solvent used to clean uncured foam from your gun. It can be used as a spray or a can attached directly to your gun. Learn More
  2. IPF Foam Professional Gun Foam

    IPF Faom Professional Gun Foam is a polyurethane foam sealant for blocking and sealing used in the pest control industry. It is formulated with special scents to deter rodents, birds, insects and small animals.

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  3. Pageris Foam Gun - Long Nozzle

    With a 26" nozzle, this foam gun will help you access locations that are hard to reach. With this long nozzle, the overall length is 32 inches.

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  4. Pageris IPF - ECO Foam Gun

    This is a new Pageris foam gun. The Pageris IPF ECO Foam Gun will work with any Todol foam canisters. It is very much like the older version, but at a more economical price.

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  5. Pur Shooter Foam  Gun

    Pur Shooter Foam Dispensing Gun is a heavy duty and all metal gun for dispensing PUR Black Gun Foam. Of all the PUR Gun accessories, this is the starter gun. It wil allow accurate placement of PUR Black Foam. Learn More
  6. PUR Black Foam

    PUR Black Foam will expand and bond on surfaces to seal voids, cracks and crevices where rodents or insects may enter structures. It wil also seal and stop the passage of air, gases, water, dust fibers, sound and odors.

    Pur-Black Foam by Todol for the Pageris foam gun is a closed cell, moisture curing, polyurethane foam. A carbon has been added to the formulation to blacken the polyurethane resin. Learn More
  7. Pur-Fill 1G Foam - 750 ml can

    Starting at: $27.45

    PUR-Fill 1G Foam is a closed cell foam, beige in color. It is dispensed with either the the Pageris foam gun or similar. Each 750ml can holds 12 gallons of foam and can provide up to 1200 linear feet of a 1/2" bead. Learn More
  8. Pur Black NF Foam

    Starting at: $24.50

    Pur Black NF is Pur Black Gun Foam in a convenient can with a nozzle. Pur Black NF is a straw dispensed foam that expands, bonds and seals to stop the passage of air, gases, water, dust, fibers, sound, rodents, pests, radon and odors.

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  9. Pur Clean -Single

    Starting at: $20.25

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    Pur Clean is an acetone solvent in a convenient spray foam. It is to be used on foam that has NOT been cured.

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  10. B&G IPM Case (Case Only)

    B&G IPM Case (Case Only)

    This B&G IPM Case is a heavy duty case for carrying all of your Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tools. Use it to organize all your IPM application tools so you’ll not only look like a professional, but work like one, too!

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