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Rodent Inspection

UV Rodent Tracker is an industrial grade professional UV LED light.This increases your ability to detect the animal urine with more efficiency"
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  1. Detex Blox with Lumitrack

    Detex Blox is used as a monitoring rodent bait. Made of 16 human food-grade ingredients, it has a high bait acceptance and weatherability.

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  2. Detex Soft Bait

    Detex Soft Bait is a non-toxic monitoring soft bait with Lumitrack. This soft bait is highly palatable with a large rodent bait acceptance. This soft bait was developed for long term baiting programs and is especially useful in locations where rodents are accustomed to fatty foods. Learn More
  3. B&G IPM Case (Case Only)

    B&G IPM Case (Case Only)

    This B&G IPM Case is a heavy duty case for carrying all of your Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tools. Use it to organize all your IPM application tools so you’ll not only look like a professional, but work like one, too!

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  4. UV Rodent Tracker Light

    Industrial Grade Professional UV LED light.

    This UV light is able to detect the presence of urine, making rodent inspection easier and more efficient. It also is able to "light up" scorpions. The urine and the scorpions become fluorescent.

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  5. Amber Safety Glasses

    We recommend these glasses when using the UV Rodent/Scorpion Tracker Light. The amber tint will enhance your ability to see the telltale glow of rodent urine as well as rodent droppings when you bait with Contrac Blox with Lumitrack. They are lightweight, impact resistant,and the lenses are coated for scratch resistance.

    Use these glasses with UV Tracker Light to light up scorpions at night.

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  6. Rodo Fiber

    Starting at: $21.50

    The RodoFibers by RodoTrak are treated materials with a non-toxic fluorescent powder that can be used in any tamper resistant station to enhance your own rodent elimination program. RodoFiber is highly effective for monitoring rodent activity in every setting
    As the rodent enters the station, the non-toxic fluorescent powder coats the rodent's fur when it enters.This product is particulary helpful for tracking mice.
    Contains: Approximately 50 balls per bag (Stations not included) Learn More

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